An arena game that will be taking you through a very exciting journey as they have managed to spice things up with the real-time 3 VS 3 system. That is not everything we have liked in the game so far, the graphics and visuals quality are unique!

Pick up your champion from a list full of different and interesting champions, and upgrade its gears and powers entirely via the help of Blast Squad cheats. It will be supporting you with the free resources right away…

Blast Squad was created and published by “Chiseled Games Limited” company, and they have made it available to be downloaded and played by any Android or IOS platform.

Excessively many interesting game modes available, and the game features are countless. However, we have to let you knowthat the graphics quality of the game is different and it is pretty much average in terms of requirements. However, we can assure you, that you will be enjoying your time playing the game. So adding the Blast Squad hack service into the action would make things only better.

Welcome, Champ!

This is dillian; he is here to see if you have what it takes to compete in the arena. Not everyone is having the complete access to the arena; they are trying to increase its competitive levels so you must go through some tests.

Let us start with the basics, push the stick and move into the circle by using the movement pad on the left bottom corner.


I guess our starting segment of the Blast Squad guide has managed to introduce you to the gameplay and how difficulty the arena is going to be…

Remember that you can hide in the bushes and the enemies will not be able to see you. Do this when you are planning to do a surprise attack of running from a heavy fire.

Once you spot an enemy on a decent range that fits your weapon, tap on the target to attack. We hope that the number of Blast Squad tips we are providing is more than enough to keep you moving forward.



Not Even a Wall can Stop Your Blast Attack!

Do not worry about the ammo part; it will reload automatically so keep attacking until the target is demolished.

Hitting enemy charges up the blast attack. Shoot the targets until you manage to get the blast attack ready to be explode. It is going to take a while, but once you see the effect of the blast attack, you will realize how important it is.

The blast attack could be activated by tapping on the blast button and changing the attacking directions. And with an advanced weapon that you will be purchasing using Blast Squad cheats, things will become much better.

How To Unlock New Champions?

By reaching this point of the review, we do believe that you are only missing the name for your character and that would be it. Progress forward on your own completely.

Winning matches in the game should become your priority and always check on the rewards you have received. Open it and see what is inside for a better opportunity. In addition, on the next phase we will try to cover up the different available modes.

Unlock new champions with the Blast Squad hack, and try to learn all their unique attacks to get used to them.

Deathmatch Is Here!

There are several playable modes in the game, but the most played mode is called the DeathMatch.

Your main goal is to take down the other team to earn skulls. The team with the most skulls win. Therefore, you have to keep track of the timer or the countdown of the skulls in order to become a successful winner.

You have to win one practice match to unlock the full mode. It might take a while but you should face no problems by following our instructions.

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