The virus has been released by an accident in the U.S army labs, you have to stay safe and be away from crowds and stay at home to not be infected with it, welcome to the new strategy game bloody Z zombie strike, the game is by seal media and it’s available on both android and IOS devices and it’s defined as a strategy game where you have to prepare your lines and defenses away from the zombies, and you have to do whatever is necessary to protect yourself and your community from zombies, so let’s talk about bloody z zombie strike tips and benefits of bloody z zombie strike hack.

Real Design.

The design of the game terrain and landscapes and also the people were very close to reality, and with great design like this you will be able to enjoy the game very much, you will see the buildings and streets like they are just out of apocalypse, the motion of the characters is very well simulated, you can see the movement of zombies and the characters and the effect when they hit each other, all of this was a very great design for a strategy game as most of strategy games focus on the strategy and game play and don’t focus on the design to make it like reality like in this game.

Together We Stand.

You can recruit a team of survivors where they will help you to kill zombies and help you to rebuild the command center and the hideouts, as you make the team you have to get different characters with different abilities, and the most important one Is the medic, where he will be able to heal your crew and stop them from transform into zombies too, also as you recruit the team you will be able to upgrade your hideout, and the more you upgrade it the stronger and more protected it is, you can also socialize with real people from the global chat as you can add friends from that chat and help each other, unluckily the game is not a multiplayer game so all you can have is help and friendly chat only.




There is lot of missions to do through the game play, and as you finish a mission you well get a reward that will help you through the game, and this rewards will help you to perform upgrades or heal your crew, so the more mission you will finish the more rewards you will get and they will help you to perform upgrades that will make you last against the zombies, or you can use bloody z zombie strike cheats and you will get all of the items at their maximum amount and heal your characters.

Challenge Others.

As well as playing the story, you can challenge other players and see who will last more and stronger, also you have to safe all the areas you know from zombies and not just focus on challenging others, so you can advance through the game, and for making this faster you can use bloody z zombie strike cheats and get all what you want for free to safe all the map.

Hack the Zombies.

Through bloody z zombie strike cheats you can have the unlimited fun through the game, as it can disable the ads for your game and play it without any annoying ads, also it will give you unlimited items and unlock all the items and character’s items for you for free and with no cost, you can also get all of the packages and upgrades for free and with no cost or external purchases.

Bloody z zombie strike hack is free and safe and won’t affect your device performance or harm it, so have fun with it or without it as the game is really addicting.

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