Board Kings was created and published via “Jelly Button Games” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

It is a board game, but they have managed to make it to look spectacular. It is packing up several new features, and crazy graphics and animations.

Roll the dice and start creating your new universe. The game is very interesting and we have enjoyed playing it as it is having that nostalgia feeling.

Of course, do not forget the Board Kings cheats, as it will help you to forget about investing a single penny into the game.


Start the game by selecting the right login method; you can play with either the Facebook or the google play account. We do prefer the Facebook as it gives you the ability to connect to your friends and share the results that you have achieved globally.

Do not worry, the Board Kings cheats resoruces will remain there and tied to your account if you pick the Facebook as your default login option.

Tweeting out certain information and items in the game, will allow you to receive diamonds in return as well. These diamonds are pretty much rare and expensive.

On the upcoming segments, we will talk more about the UI and the gameplay in depth.

Friendly UI

Feel free to customize the in game sounds depending on your preference; you can turn it off entirely if you want of course. Also the notifications, if you are a hardcore gamer, then you can keep it turned on to notify you about the changes being applied into the game even without playing.

Changing the graphics quality level to match your device hardware, but we do prefer to keep it at the normal rate to save the battery and still enjoy the amazing visuals.

Log out from your Facebook account if you no longer interested to keep it linked up with the game. It could be done with a single tap.

There is an access to the in-game store but with the Board Kings hack, we do believe such a thing will become useless.



Special Board Kings Tips

Roll the dice on the ground and you will keep going through different parts and challenges. We will try to cover them all.

  • King: the dice king is a guessing game that gives you three options to choose from, and your task it to guess which one has the ID of the highest rated player among them. If you guess it correct, then you will steal his money.
  • The train: gives you the option to choose between visiting your friends, calm lake or maybe even new mysterious place.

Increase your rolling numbers, without having to wait for the regeneration period via Board Kings cheats.

Keep Your City Up To Date.

Do not skip the up arrows located on the sides of your city. These are signs that you can construct a facility in this spot. Board Kings hack will help you with upgrading your buildings for free.

Increasing the number of facilities will help you to gain more gold for each roll you are doing. Upgrading all the buildings will unlock new feature of the game as well.

Check the given tasks on the bottom left corner by clicking on the mail icon. You can see what you are supposed to do for now, and an ability to change the game theme to make it look more lively.

Watch Ads for Extra Rewards

Check the game from time to time to see if you have generated new rolls or not. Alternatively, keeping him notifications turned on to notify you once your dice are regenerated.

Sometimes, watching an advertisement by tapping on the deck at the middle of the city will give you a special reward. It will mainly consist of extra rolls.

Check the leaderboard frequently to see where you are standing after using the Board Kings hack.

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