If you have been looking for a decent board game to play during your spare time on the smartphone, then this game has managed to find the right formula.

Roll the dice and build your own city, but the fun does not stop here…you can now start visiting other friends and make friendships, maybe even attack their bases and steal their facilities. Enjoying the full set of experiment could only be done with paying real money and the Board Kings cheats will cover this part for you.

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Board Kings was created and released by “Jelly Button Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

You will be enjoying the details of the textures in the game and the ability to change the graphics quality through three levels. The game has been finely create and there is a very limited number of flaws in there. You can overcome these flaws by activating the Board Kings hack service.

Starter’s Guide.

As soon as you start the game, you will be given only two options to start from. Go on as a guest and leave all your personal life behind and there will be no option to make friends or even recover the lost data.

The second option is to connect the game to your Facebook account and that will simply enable several benefits for your gaming experience. Such as friend’s invitations, sharing your latest progression, and keeping your data files save in the cloud saving system.

Next phase will be the player selection, keep changing the outfit of your player and do not be surprised as you are going to play with weird objects. There is no way to choose your character from a big list; they have made it only based on the random button, which is very annoying in our opinion.

This version of the Board Kings guide will be walking through the different parts of the gameplay, and we will be covering the smallest details to help the new and old players get what they need to know about the game in a single place.

Scroll down to learn more about the game.



How to Upgrade the City?

Your turn is coming back and you must through the dice to know your next destination. Each time you will be throwing the dice, things will start to change and we are sure that you are not aware of the changes and feeling that everything is confusing.

Each time you will be throwing the dice; your number will be indicating the amount of moves your character will be moving. In addition, each block will reward you with a number of coins.

The coins are the most important thing in the game, and that is how most games are working, so we have decided to give you some Board Kings tips on how to get as many coins as possible, without doing much work.

  • Luck with the dice and concentration.
  • Having a clear plan to invest the coins.
  • Upgrade the surrounding facilities to increase the income at the end.
  • Using the Board Kings cheats will increase your coin income significantly.

These were the main methods you could be following, if you were interested in increasing your coins income. The game will show you the items that needs to be upgraded as soon as you get enough coins for it.

Gain Unlimited Number of Rolls!

Remember, you are very limited to a certain number of the dice throw; this process will not keep going forever, so you must start thinking ahead on how to get the best out of these remaining throws.

At the middle side of the screen, you can see the throwing button followed by the throws counter and a timer that indicates when the new throws will be refilled.

You can get extra throws by using the Board Kings hack, this is the safest and most guaranteed method to have them unlimited number of dice throws.

Your main goal at the end is to become the board king, and to snatch the new opportunities being unlocked for you. Do you think that you are strong and smart enough to have the advantage of being on the top?

The express train will be taking you from one city to another and the new cities will always offer you new opportunities and better chances to gain coins.

Keep in mind that some of your facilities will start to encounter problems, and that is when you must interfere and spend the coins you have gained from Board Kings hack and fix them out.



Invade Other Players!

By reaching this point of the review, you should be fully aware of the basics and ready to take a step forward and learn more about the advanced tricks and the game main settings customization.

  • Visiting another land could risk your life as you might step into a trap.
  • Increase your defending options and set traps for the introducers.
  • Steal as much as you can from your enemies and enhance your land.

Steal coins from other players by finding the coin king, this will happen only by stepping on certain blocks. However, you do not have to steal as the Board Kings cheats will be handing all your needs right away.

Remember that connecting the game to your Facebook account will reward you with gems, coins, and rolls! In addition, if you tweeted the reward post, you will get extra 25 gems and that is a very generous offer from the game.

One of the blocks will have this special effect, as it will reward you with extra 10 rolls every time you step on it. However, if you have been missing it lately, then the Board Kings hack could find a way to replace your misery with happiness.

The Perfect Optimization.

Enter the main menu from the left side of the screen; right there you will be introduced to the various features of the game and get to know it much better.

Always check out on your quests and know what you need to do in order to reach the next level. Playing without a target will eventually mean a complete loss and distraction. Save your time and keep track of your quests.

Change the sounds and volume levels to match your preference, also enabling or disabling the notifications could be done by a single tap…remember, there will be two types of notifications, the visitors and the general section.

Change the graphics level to keep the game as smooth as possible on your device that is how the game was created. Also, if you have decreased the graphics, that will reflect on the longer battery life.

Read the latest game news from the newsstand, but it will be mainly empty unless there is a very big update is about to be released. Read the path notes before the release date.

We are now reaching the end of this review, and we would love to remind our readers one last time to use the Board Kings cheats if they have ever encounter any problem related to running out of rolls, coins or gems.

It is totally safe and secure, there will be no need to share any of your personal information and the rewards will be sent to you right away!

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