Brown Dust was created and published by “NEOWIZ” company, and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

The empire has fallen, and the age of great mercenaries now begins!

You will be given an advanced role on the battlefield; your mission will be mainly focused on recruiting new members to your army.

Collect the right resources and gather them together to forge a newly upgraded mercenary, whom is ready to demolish his enemies!

This is a turn-based game, so you must prepare for a proper plan before even the battle begins. Pick up the right mercenaries for each combat and make sure that you are 100% aware of their pros and cons.

Dive through an interesting storyline split into episodes, and the Brown Dust cheats will simply make the experience much better.

Get Started

Before we dive any deeper at our Brown Dust review, we would like to remind our readers that the game is online. You must have a decent internet connection in order to enjoy playing the game.

This game is packed up with tons of features and you will get to use them all as you advance up in the game. So we have decided to start discussing each feature individually and help our readers to have a better understanding over the gameplay.

The game will reward you with several items at the start to help you get going.

  • Normal scroll
  • Horseshoe
  • Gold
  • Premium scroll
  • Blue slime girl

These items are only available for 6 days, so you must hurry up and pick them all at once by tapping on the get all icon. Of course, these items are not comparable with the Brown Dust hack rewards.

You can also check the permanent section to see the items, which will last forever with you. You can read the notices to know the latest changes to the game and the upcoming updates. You can do that only if you were addicted to the game.



Overview The Main Features

Lucky wheel will become available for you 5 times a day, but you may use it only once every one hour. The Brown Dust cheats will increase the number of spins to no limit.

Your army will be packed of different types of mercenaries. These mercenaries will come in form of cards and could be purchased from the store with diamonds or win them for completing missions.

Afford the cost of the strongest mercenaries with the Brown Dust hack service.

Each mercenary will be rated in stars system. The more stars the mercenary is the stronger he will be.

Completing missions will reward you with diamonds. Check the quests list to claim your rewards.

Check your mailbox frequently; you might receive gifts from friends or the game in general. They will not be added to your inventory unless you do it manually.

Each mercenary will come with his pros and cons, but you have to know exactly the powers of your army. Therefore, we will speak briefly about the main attributes.

  • Attack power will indicate the amount the mercenary can deal to his enemies.
  • Heart points indicates the health points of the mercenary
  • Shield icon for the defense system and survivability
  • Dart icon for the accuracy level
  • Boot icon for the movement speed on the battlefield

Those were the main attributes; on the next segment, we will cover the upgrading system with the Brown Dust hack.

Upgrade Your Mercenaries With Brown Dust Cheats!

The diamonds are not only used in purchasing new mercenaries, they are used in upgrading them. Increasing their abilities and adding new skills to the attacking skills list will make you much stronger.

The upgrading system is following a very different path in the game. You must use the Brown Dust cheats to cover up the spending level.

Gather the materials required to upgrade the mercenary and add them to the upgrade list then tap on level up.

  • Leveling up the mercenary will increase the attacking powers and health point’s number. The attributes will see the upgrade powers as well but not as big as the previous attributes.

By reaching this point, we do understand that you are ready to step up the gameplay level and try to do something real on the battlefield.

  • Each mission in the campaign mode will come in two difficulties level. Normal or hard…

You will have a real shot with the Brown Dust cheats to complete the hard level, but you must obtain the necessary skills first.



Chapter 1: the flag of the army.

We have a new job from the shopping district. The client wants us to bring some armed peasants back to their village.

Each army will fight you with a certain number of mercenaries and a boss. The boss usually deals much higher damage and can stand for longer period on the battleground.

  • Each mercenary has his own pros and cons, so some mercenaries will fight better against the defenders and others are better on different field.
  • You need to read more about your army members to know how they can perform at the highest level on the battleground.

Increasing the variety of your mercenaries will be done through the Brown Dust hack as we have mentioned earlier, but that is something you have to take for serious.

You will be given the control to start the battle, but you are not allowed to do anything on the battlefield other than selecting the fighting warriors.

Which makes you desperate to upgrade your mercenaries through Brown Dust hack as fast as possible to ensure your success on the battleground.

Interesting Events Waiting For You

Completing missions will reward you with decent items, it will be mainly gold coins and if the difficulty of the mission was hard, then you will get stronger and better items.

If you ever got bored from the battle speed, then increase the speed by tapping on the icon located on the bottom right side of the screen. It will help you watch the pace of the battle fly much faster…

Connecting your social media accounts to the game will help you to keep all the progression data at a safe bay. You will also be able to send invitations to your friends much easier.

As soon as you advance up in the level, then the time will come to either create or join a guild. Having a guild by your side will always boost up your powers and give you an access to join the guild wars.

  • Quick tip: always check the event section to know about the current or the upcoming events in the game.

The events will usually reward you with great rewards and extra experience. You might say that the Brown Dust cheats will be more than enough to your needs, but the events will offer a cool experience in general.

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