This game was created by “Sigma Game Limited” and it is available for free on the android and IOS stores.

Make sure you pick it up and get the Bulu Monster cheats as well so you would have enough amount of Packs, so you would win the battle that took place between human and nature.

Understand Your Options Inside the Game.

Start playing the game in the given two options to choose from, but wait for now we need to let you know about this amazing feature that is included in the game for its previous users and players that are coming or switching devices so far, but remember that this is just an alternative to the other feature that tis included in most of the game that lets you sign in with your email so your game data would get saved over there so  you can start loading it from anywhere to your new device and start having them by simply logging in to the email from the new device and watch all your game data gets loaded to the game, but here the data migration is the feature that is included by the game developers team as they actually think that is much better option and should be treated better.

Start Menu and Several Options to Choose In-between.

And now let’s move to the first thing you get to see at the starting menu, if this is your first time to play the game you will only see the “new game” option button to press onto, but if you already played and progressed in the game previously then you shall see new options such as continue or something like that, keep reading the Bulu Monster Guide so you would be able to understand the game much better and have over view of the details that are lying in between the lines of the game.

The Land Must Get Back to Its Old State.

There was a time in a faraway land, when human beings coexisted peaceful with monsters and nature, but then something weird happened, the confliction and war between them has started due to an outsider’s dark magic that has been applied and started this fire of the war.

Enter your character name but remember that you got only 12 letters as maximum length of the name, and also there is an invitation code that you can enter wither you got it or not, this invitation code will give you some resources at the start as a heads art booster, they work wonders actually and we consider them to be one of the finest things the game gets to offer to you.

But you can always substitute the invitations code rewards by using the Bulu Monster cheats, so you would become a much better in less time.

Create Your Own Monster!

You get to choose your own monster depending on your own preference, there are many factors that would indicate the choice of your monster and make it much better to choose the right now, but if you read this full article you would already have enough Bulu Monster tips that could let you know how to choose your monster carefully.

Getting Bulu Monster Hack Shall Solve a Lot of Issues for You Inside The game.

And now right here we will shall let you know that you can unlock and obtain extra monsters by putting your hands on the ultimate Bulu Monster hack that comes for free among many other packages, but at the moment we shall explain the things that actually would let you know if this monster good enough or not.

The vitality: which is the lives and how long he can last in the battle after taking this from different sources.

Power: this is the attack power and the damage it can deal to the enemies.

Defense: this is all about the defense and lasting in combats of how your monster will be able to reduce the incoming attacks.

Agility: the swiftness and the speed that it is located in the hero you have chosen.


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