Call Me Emperor was created and published by “Clicktouch CO., Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

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If you ever wondered…what is the life as if as an emperor…then you should play this game. It will deliver to you the exact experience with the right animations and themes to make the experience much more realistic.

You will need support and help during your rule of the empire…that is why the Call Me Emperor cheats should become your first choice!

How To Start?

At the start of our Call Me Emperor review, you should realize that the game is based on the internet. Therefore, you must have an active and stable internet connection in order to run it smoothly.

Select a server that is close to your region as much as possible, as this will reduce the latency and improve the quality of the gameplay as a whole.

You can always access the game license and service agreement by clicking on the hyperactive link on the top left corner of the screen.

Moving next to the character creation process and that is going to become our main topic on the next segment.

Create The Emperor

Talent, attitude, integrity, sensitivity about reputation, certain mistakes all of them made the Emperor who maintained a peaceful era during his reign. He believes not in fate but himself.

  • You may change the sex depending on your preference. Only male and female are available.

This was the first option. There are two remaining emperors with different personality. Read the discretion carefully and know exactly what you are about to witness.

Flies as a mountain, this man followed the rules strictly to handle the domestic affairs and suppress the rebellions. Magnificent as a mountain.

Third emperor character profile:

He spared no efforts to govern the land who too was on the throne, pacifying the riots. Using the able ones and caring for his people.

  • The main challenge question will remain…Can you bring prosperity to the land as he did.



For A Prosper Empire…Activate The Call Me Emperor Cheats!

We will be picking up a name for the emperor, try to make it short and smart enough to be easily recognized.

The Emperor is dying and a breathless atmosphere thus shrouds the capital as if the storm is coming….

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You shall kneel beside your father only to find that he is passing away…that is when you have realized that your turn to become the emperor and lead the people has come!

Time To Turn The Tables

The deceased emperor appointed you as the inheritor of the throne. This shall come with a lot of responsibility and you must be prepared for such a moment. You cannot find any better preparation than the Call Me Emperor hack to be always by your side.

You will be given 27 days to actually start working. Meanwhile you can read our review, learn more about the main basics of the game, and get the Call Me Emperor hack running.

Your Story As An Emperor Starts From Here…

Your majesty, please head for the governance hall to cope with imperial assistance whom are going to help you with running the empire.

The royal court is currently in chaos and requires you to asset authority. This is going to become your first task. You must handle it well to prove their doubts wrong about your ability to rule the empire.

  • We suggest you to implement the imperial examination. Secondly, reduce the power of ministers who are potential threats so that you can prevent rebellion.

If you ever got bored from the long dialogues in the game, you may simply skip it by pressing on proceed button and head to the next phase.

  • You will need talents to help you with improving the empire, so the imperial exam is the best place to find those talents, and the Call Me Emperor hack as well will provide a great asstiance.

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