With the help of the Candy Kitty cheats, you can now get bonus moves when yours are finished

Candy Kitty was released on 22 June 2017, the game was created and developed by Tapcool.

Candy Kitty is now available for all the Apple devices but requires IOS 7 or higher, as the game is free to download and play but contains lots of ads.

Candy Kitty is also available for all the Android devices through Google Play but requires firmware of 2.3 and higher in order to play it.

If you find yourself stuck at a level and you can not proceed to the other one, because you do not have enough moves, try using the Candy Kitty cheats now.

Amazing soundtracks that will take your attention!

When you first open Candy Kitty for the first time, you will be surely amazed by the soundtracks of this game, as it is really well mixed and designed for just a mobile game.

The background design is also as good as the soundtracks with floating logo of the Candy Kitty in the middle.

Now you have two options the first one is to start the game immediately, and the second one which is preferred by the Candy Kitty guide, is the setting menu.

From the setting menu which is located in the bottom of your device’s screen and colored in pink, you can now use it to turn of the music and the soundtracks of the game, as you can also turn off the whole sound effects if you want to play in silence, then the second option in the menu settings is the Candy Kitty guide, as it teaches you how to play Candy Kitty by a simple tutorial and lots of Candy Kitty tips that you will find it really hopeful through your game career.

Then the last option in the settings menu is to just rate the app, as we recommend to do that after reading this article and also play the game yourself.


Simple game control and easy to learn!

Candy Kitty will illustrate everything in the game as we said before at the settings menu, as it tells you that you can just swap the candy to make a match of three of the same kind to take their score, after that try to match four or five or more candy to get a super candy, after getting the super candy try to combine one super candy elements to get a magic match clearing!



Long lasting game as you will play it forever!

Candy Kitty now offers you more than four hundred level, but you need to play one after the other in order to proceed to the last level, and if you finished them all, wait for the update as it will add more levels soon.


The Candy Kitty guide is here to help!

One of the Candy Kitty tips is to line up three of the same kind if candy in order to collect them, as if you kept waiting for a period of time, the Candy Kitty guide will help you give you a tip to swap this candy in order to proceed.


Focus on your move and your objective as well.

Do not forget about the main objective and go swapping any candy that you find, not because it will just waste your time, but also because you have limited number of moves per level, and you have to complete the level within these moves not more than them, or you can get the Candy Kitty cheats and get more moves if you are stuck in a level.

Also focus on the objectives as you will be given in the beginning of each level specified number of candies that you will need to get them before your moves finishes.


You can now get more game gifts by using the Candy Kitty hack for free.

A simple game to play and waste your time, as it is not boring but requires to focus to finish the game before your moves do, but with the help of the Candy Kitty hack, you can not worry now about your moves and play freely.



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