You are simply given the charge of an empire at the start of the game, and your goal is to make it one of the strongest and biggest empires in all over the world. Doing whatever it takes to stay alive and keeping the empire safe as well…

Take control over every prospect of the battlefield and simply activate the Caravan War cheats in order to have any number of resources you need to keep the empire alive!

Caravan War was created and published by “HIKER GAMES” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS platforms.

The visuals in this game are interesting and we have enjoyed every moment playing it. In addition, the game has started to get even better after using the Caravan War hack services. Having control over the full game features and purchasing whatever we want for a very cheap price.

Welcome Commander!

The first job of the day is to build the workshop. This is going to become the perfect start as we do believe that the Caravan War guide cold only get better by providing practical examples.

In addition, that will be taking us into the building house and the available items at such a place. However, before we start talking in depth about every single item, there will be a quick reminder to the new players: keep your device connected to the internet to enable the full features of the game.

Building House.

Moving back to the building house and the available buildings. As a beginner, you should know the right items you need to progress and how to use them the best. Follow our Caravan War tips to do the right investment.

  • Bandit Camp: it is a home to all outlaws and criminals unwanted by the society. This building brings about various operations of the marauders, bandits and such can be upgraded to boost power to all brigand like units.
  • Workshop: the workshop builds and assembles all kinds of powers, which are used to ambush enemies on their trading routes. Can be upgraded to unlock more types of buildings.
  • Tavern: the tavern allows players to draft new blood into the army. However, time for mandatory training is needed before they can jump into the fray.



Shorten The Construction Period.

As any other game, the creators have managed to put their poison in the game and try to profit as much as possible. That is when the gems will start to shine…

Spend gems to complete the construction of anything immediately, as it will be saving you a lot of time. Getting gems might be a problem for most of the people. In addition, we have decided to let you know the most reliable methods to obtain them.

How to Get Extra Gems Free?

There are several ways to follow in case you were looking for the gems. The first route to take is by completing missions and waiting for the bigger rewards.

You can also use the Caravan War cheats if you were in a rush, but you must know that there is a big chance of killing the fun factor of the game, if you have used it in the wrong way.

Prepare For An Attack!

Your scouts will be always at the work, searching for travelling caravan…that is when your time will come to attack and steal the goods for the sake of the empire.

Start by building three ranger towers. These towers will be covering a huge part of the road that will stop the enemies from passing peacefully in one piece. Expand the empire and dominate the world.

The goal here is to have a solid defense and an unbreakable empire. You might want to spend more on the defenses using the Caravan War hack, but that option should be always left to the last.

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