As you can see in the game’ name, it is a card game. But everything in there is totally unique compared to the most card battles. The style of the creatures and the idea behind the magical cards are giving us these chilling feelings.

Enter challenges against players from all over the world, you may even battle against your own friends after inviting them to the game. And to shorten out the road of becoming a top tier player, consider adding the Card Wars 2 cheats service to your plans.

Card Wars 2 was created and published by “Cartoon Network” company, and it is well known all over the world for its massive projects. You may start downloading the game on any Android or IOS platform via the store for free.

Get Started!

In order to install and play card wars kingdom we will need to access the following: photos/Media/Files.

And by using this game you agree to our terms of use and privacy policy. We can assure you that everything is totally perfect and there is nothing weird in-between the lines, that will ruin your privacy.

Meet king Jake, he is here to teach you how to play the game and introduce you to our Card Wars 2 guide, this is actually a very important starting step to help you with the main basics.

And we believe that you must be reading the basics, because there is no card game that looks like this one. So there will be many new features being introduced to you.

It basically comes down to this: it is all about the creatures, build your team, send them to battle and claim the glory that is rightfully yours! User your creatures to defeat mine. If you knock out all of your opponent’s creatures on the board, you win and become the cool guy!

I started a game with BMO, but he rages quit. So you can take over his team. These honeys here are your cards. You will always draw a few random cards when you start the game. And now tap the card to take closer look.



Gameplay Basics.

Now tap on the words. This biz is important. Friendly creature does a magic attack, you can always find out about special moves and powers by tapping the cards. There are many different creature elements in card wars. Everybody knows that! Like blue plains, Sandilands, Useless swamp, nice lands and my personal favorite is the Yellow Corn!

Follow our Card Wars 2 tips system to have a better understanding over the main principles of the game. Speaking of corn, creatures have high attack points, and do a ton of damage with drag attacks.

The drag attack is just what it sounds like. Use your favorite finger to drag from your creature onto one of my creatures. You will attack and spend some of your Energy. Increase your strength in overall powers by activating the Card Wars 2 cheats service. And bear in mind that it is totally coming for free and you will not be bothered to spend a single penny in return.

Utilize Your Energy Points for Maximum Performance.

Every time you do a drag attack, you will get a new card into your cards deck. Cards allow you to cast spells. Use abilities and trigger larger attacks, way better than drag attacks alone. Each creature has its own set of cards. When you attack with a creature, you will draw one of its cards. And to enhance your strength powers, obtain Card Wars 2 cheats and get it done.

Looks like you are out of energy. Press the button to end your turn. Pooh, archer Dan got skronked. You will not be able to use him for the rest of this battle. But your other guys can still fight, so use them together to defeat my team!

Each turn, your energy is refilled and grows by 1, up to a max of 10. Let’s bring in some backup. Drag that cool dog card onto the battlefield. Bust out a drag attack to draw a card from its deck.

The magical attack cards, should be used on your cool dog and target the ancient scholar with it. It will be working at any time you want and it will follow the exact same path. Sometimes, your attacks will deal a critical hit, a critical damage will do 1.5x more damage than the usual. You should be focusing more to get higher attacking damage with help from Card Wars 2 cheats, so once you manage to get a critical hit, it would be totally on point.



Customize Your Decks for The Different Types of Challenges.

I think it’s time you had a deck of your own. I put together three different decks for you, each one focused on a different element. All the elements have different playstyles. Lemme show ya!

There are lots of different challengers to face in the Arena. Each challenger will face you in a series of battles. Take a look through these decks and pick the one you want by pressing play with it selected. When you have your team chosen, tap play and you will pay some hearts to enter the battle. Get your hearts charged up with the Card Wars 2 hack.

Please enter your date of birth, and choose a log into Facebook, it is the only way to permanently save your game progress. And of course you can pick up a no thanks button to skip the login option. And do not worry about the Card Wars 2 hack service, it will keep working on both games.

Understand Your Cards Special Abilities.

The toss on the beginning of the battle will determine whom is going to have the beginning. And this is a very traditional. And by using the Card Wars 2 hack, you will be unlocking some unique and strong cards and add them to your deck right away.

Just so you know, you can tap on your creatures to see more info about them during the battle. The landscape cards are having special ability and it is a very important part to know how your cards are working.

The attack up: it increases power of next attack. Stacks increase power. Removes attack down when applied.

Corfield: drag tracks hit 2x but this creature can no longer draw card. A creature can only have one landscape at a time.

Landscape card! Landscapes add strengths and weaknesses depending on the element they belong to. They stay active until they are destroyed or another landscape is played.

Now, we will be putting everything behind and head directly into the laboratory. But first, you have to achieve some certain level first to get it unlocked but it is not that hard to see it available. And with the right price, you will be able to enhance and modify your creatures.

Of course, anything you are facing a trouble with funding it, the Card Wars 2 hack will become the instant and free solution for this problem. So do not hesitate to unlock the lab to increase your dominating chances on the upcoming battles with your same set of creatures.

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