Time to play with your most loved Care Bears! Prepare for some melodic recess fun with the loveable bears!

Enable Harmony To hold up under spread euphoria, grins, and begin another Care Bears band!

Illuminate the faraway place that is known for Care-a-Lot with your chipper melodies and bright rainbows!

There’s dependably another rainbow-filled experience occurring in Care-a-Lot, and now you can be a piece of it!

Amicability Bear is beginning a Care Bears band, and every one of the bears require your assistance making stunning music and sharing their lively beats! Make music that demonstrates the world how critical fellowship, mindful and sharing is!


> It’s your business to help Grumpy, Harmony, Share, Cheer and Funshine practice and play their music.



> Now’s your opportunity to be a DJ! Record your own beats and add marvelous enhancements to make excellent, vivid music.

> Get the charming bears prepared for the huge music show, and ensure they play the best music Care-a-Lot has ever heard.

> Dress up in charming, fun loving outfits with the cuddly Care Bears! The amusing embellishments and ensembles will fill you with bliss.

> Uh-gracious! One of the instruments broke. Fix it at the repair shop before it’s the ideal opportunity for the show.

> Design the phase for the huge show – make it additional vivid so the Care Bears will love it.

> Make a rainbow with the Care Bears identifications, and get virtual visually impaired sacks with shock presents!

> Take selfies with your huggable Care Bears companions and spare the photographs.

> Bathtime has never been so fun! Scrub down with singing Care Bears.

> Start your own Care Bears accumulation – gather Care Bears Collectible Figures.

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