This is the right game for you, if you were only interested in building and creating new cities. You are taking control of building and crafting your own city, right from the bottom to the top. Every small detail is your responsibility.

The ease of use and decent graphics quality are what making this game unique and better than others. Enjoy the idea of becoming the mayor of the city, as you will be customizing the streets and even the emotions of your citizens. We are speaking about a big plan to be followed in order to get the city growing.

In order to increase your balance of coins and gems, we are recommending you to use Cartoon City 2 cheats as it is coming for free and will cover up all your expenses in there.

Cartoon City 2 was created and published by the giant gaming company “foranj” and they have managed to release it through the Android and IOS stores.

There are no high requirements to get the game running smoothly. Actually, the graphics level is very moderate and there not much of high specifications required to get it running. Reading the following review will help you with understand the gameplay.

Meet Mary.

Hello, this is Mary! Now you are going to become the owner of this town. Let her show you how things work here. for the beginning let’s plant the grade beds. Do this by dragging the selected plant and dropping it over the garden beds.

Moving next into the second phase in the tutorial, which is feeding your cows. Each mission or a progression done in the game, will result in an improvement of your level inside. Higher level, means you are simply unlocking new features and becoming stronger over time. Reading our Cartoon City 2 guide will cover up the necessary parts of the gameplay including the smallest details as well.

We have mentioned earlier the planting and feeding cows. The time has come to make profit out of what you have done, lets collect out the milk from cows and harvest the plants. Do this by tapping over the certain object and drag the harvester box over the desired fields or cows to either pick up the corps or the milk.

Next move should be about constructing new facilities in the town, and the right thing to start with is the bakery. Find alternative Cartoon City 2 tips provided over here for our readers.



Start Your Own Business.

As a mayor of your own new city, the option to make new facilities and make profit out of is still available. So head directly into the businesses menu to build your first facility, which will be the bakery. It will cost you approximately 125 coins. Using Cartoon City 2 cheats is still an option for bigger investments.

Drag and drop it over an empty location. Make sure that it is connected with the road, so the customers would find no trouble reaching it. The highlighted zone on the ground will be either red or green, the green means you are ready to go and there are no troubles to be mentioned. Once It turns red, keep trying to change the position.

Some buildings will usually take a lot of time in order get completed, others will just become available instantly without construction period. But that is not very common in there. boost the construction speed via the Cartoon City 2 cheats.

It will almost take nothing from you, it is totally for free and it is going to make magic happens. That is not something we get to see very often around here.

Get Your Facilities to Work.

Each newly constructed building, will move automatically into the hibernation state. It is your turn to make it active and start producing. So in our case, we are working on the bakery, drag the bred icon into the empty slots of the bakery.

There are around four different slots in the bakery ready to start working. Any extra locked spot will get unlocked with gems. And that is another clear reason for you to use Cartoon City 2 cheats and enjoy the full features of the game to their maximum potential.

You may also use Cartoon City 2 hack and speed up the production of the bread at this facility. So congratulations for this service. And it is available for you now, enjoy playing the game without these annoying waiting periods in between.

It is advised to keep track of the requests of the citizens around the city. There will be requests and other interest from them. and your role as a mayor is to take care of these sort of stuff. Get the Cartoon City 2 hack by your side, as it will help you with getting any problem sorted out in no time.



Respond Quickly to Your Citizen’s Needs.

The family of Mr. Wright are in need for some wheat. They have a farm and these are their requirements. Such a request will be added to your missions list. Completing it will result in increase of the resources overall and also experience points are waiting for you in return.

Make sure that you are covering the required amount of wheat first through your own farms. And prepare the helicopter to deliver the goods from one place to another. All of these are the basics of the gameplay, and we did not manage to diver any deeper into the complicated side of the game.

As we are speaking about the basics, then we have to remind you to name out the city. Make sure you are picking up a very decent name, no swearing words are allowed. Remember that the city will be shown globally, thanks to the Cartoon City 2 hack and how it will work on placing you on the top of the leaderboard system.

You may as well watch some advertising videos to increase your gem stockings.

General and Random Instructions to keep You Going.

You may tap over the facilities you have at the city to know exactly what they are missing or what they are in need to. This might be a very stupid move, but we are guaranteeing you a success if you have followed the following instructions.

Increase the number of cows at the farm by spending coins, or using Cartoon City 2 hack as an alternative could be a solution as well. And a better once at the same time as no fees will be needed.

The newel unlocked buildings will be shown in a notification form. Try to check out on them frequently in order to make your city up to date with the latest and most advanced facilities out there.

Feel free to pick up your preferred playable language through the settings menu, keeping in mind that the game is coming packed up with over 10 different global languages.

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