Create your team from the famous Cartoon Network Company and start your great adventure of opening a fries shop with all of its great features. You are starting right from the bottom and there is a long way waiting for you ahead.

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Cartoon Network Match Land was created and published by “Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’ and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is simple and there is no need to have any special graphics specifications to enjoy its main features so far. Rightnow, the game is available for almost any device. Consider using the Cartoon Network Match Land hack to remove the ads and get extra benefits.

Hello, Friend!

Before we start our Cartoon Network Match Land guide, we have to remind the readers that the game will contain a sufficient amount of ads and in order to remove them just follow our given instructions here.

Welcome to the cartoon network food festival, we do believe that it does look like much, but with your help, we can turn it into a thriving business! The assistant at the beginning will help you to get started and learn the main basics in almost no time so far.

So, let us begin by sending these freaky friends back to the beach as they were scaring the customers from visiting us. Now tap on the restaurant to reveal the first shop and that is when the entire journey will begin and take you through a very interesting tour.

The next step should be catching some fries to get it opened. This will not be an easy task by any means but with some hard work and focusing on achieving the target, it will become achievable easily.

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Catch The Fries.

This is the main part of the gameplay; they have added it under the naming of catching the fries and we do not believe it is so much interesting. In addition, try to match three or more tiles to start a turn. That is how the game is being played.

The Cartoon Network Match Land tips we are mentioning in the game will help you to achieve one of the greatest results. It will save you the time as well to achieve the goals you are achieving.

By making a match, you will start the timer, so the first move is always a very important step that you have to think ahead and expect what is going to happen afterwards.

Everything might seem to look so easy on paper and simple, but as you dive deeper into the gameplay contents and the timer takes you out, that is when you will seek the help from Cartoon Network Match Land cheats. If you are trying to learn more about how it works, then reading the upcoming segments will make it clear for you.

Gameplay in Depth.

Try to benefit from every single second you have, leaving yourself for the unknown until the timer runs out is a very bad idea. So keep matching until the time burns out and by this moment, you have to make sure that you have done your best and no longer in need to add any extra minutes.

As we have mentioned the option to add extra time, you can do such a thing by activating Cartoon Network Match Land hack services. It will allow you to always have a second chance and even increase the timer to no limit until you achieve your goals.

When it comes to matching, remember that you can also move pieces diagonally, so you have multiple options. In addition, the time will keep on increasing for each successful move, and if you were a terrible player then follow the solution we have mentioned above.

These were the main basics of the gameplay, and we are not willing to spend any more minute to explain the basics as the advanced players have the right to take their share of the pie and add it to their information system.



Interesting Waves System!

The game has added the wave system but this time you are chasing down fries, there is nothing to be scared of and seek that much. The fries will keep getting further and becoming harder to be caught. That is when the Cartoon Network Match Land cheats will come to its main role of making the gameplay much smoother and easier.

Having extra chances to try out and keep moving the tiles together to create this perfect figure finally is such a dream. At the end of the mission, there will be a detailed report of how was your performance and the result of what you have done.

The number of turns will be shown as well, try to decrease it as much as possible to reach the highest reward possible. In addition, if you are not satisfied with the current score, then retry and get more extra life with the Cartoon Network Match Land hack.

Removing the ads was a dream, but it is finally possible without paying a single penny and the results will be seen instantly. Such a perfect moment to enjoy in the game so far and we are willing to see it happen around us in this area.


The rewards from completing missions are very low compared to the powers of Cartoon Network Match Land hack, so we are not recommending the players to focus on getting these rewards by any means. Just add it to your substitution box and use it as an extra gift nothing less nothing more…

As soon as you catch enough fries, then your next step should be taking place. Which is opening the shop and selling the fries to the customers on the beach. This is how you will be increasing the income.

Another thing to put on mind is the managing skills you need to develop in order to have a successful run on this shop. This is a part that many players tend to ignore and they pay the price at the end.

The profits will take a time until they enter your account, you can use this time to catch more fries and add them to your shop for sale. This technique is pretty much a smart technique and it always pays off.

You can track the progression percentage on the stage selection phase; this will show you how far you have gone and how many is left for you to play.

The matching challenges will keep on getting harder and harder, but you have no other option than completing them and getting the help from the methods we have mentioned earlier on here.

Be quick as possible and try to be specific with the matches you are matching. All of these are the optimal ways for the greater results.

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