If you are looking for a game that will give you the exact experience of the real life driving, or let’s say racing then you would find it the perfect choice, enjoy the pure realistic effects and the same exact physics that you would be facing on the streets in reality.

Enjoy the amazing CarX engine, the high quality races and detailed roads with the fantastic effects on the environments such as the night and day, combined with the traffic system that is very smart and not repetitive, and for optimal experience use our CarX Highway Racing hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

CarX Highway Racing was created and published by “CarX Technologies” company and they have made it available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform freely.

Quick Intro.

Currently, we are writing this review to help the new players to become fully aware of the gameplay and the different new features which you will never see anything like it in other games. And for the advanced players, we have created a special section to mention the important tips and tricks to keep you on the progress track.

Start the game with chapter one “Back to Roots” as it is consisted of different 5 small missions that you are supposed to complete them in order to unlock the next chapter, this is not an easy as you are expecting as everything is very competitive in there to be honest.


Time to show you have not forgot how to drive a fast car, so let’s start your engine and roll to the start at the first race in the chapter. It is a very simple classic race to finish line against various rivals. See the checkered flag first to win the race, and there will be a decent reward including some cash and experience points.

Experience points were created mainly to help you with advancing from one level to another smoothly, as this will unlock new cars and upgrading parts for you, which means that your enjoyment level will increase to its maximum level instantly. Down below we will try to give you the right instructions to increase the experience points of yours as much as possible.



Smart Driving System.

The game has very high graphics quality but that is not the only thing that is coming in the high quality here, the driving system as well is very interesting and finely created.

Change the car driving direction by simply using the arrows located on the bottom corner of the screen, as it will simply allow you to change the car driving direction from left to the right only, and that is taking you to realize that the car acceleration system is working automatically.

Related to The Previous Driving System.

Let’s continuum what we have started which is explaining the controls functions and how exactly they work.

Right now you should be aware of the directions system and how to get the best out of it, but still you could use the brakes to slow down the car a little bit before taking a hard turn or something similar, also the hand brakes are available for drifting with the car, and this feature will require some hardcore training from you in order to master it out.

Upgrade Your Car to Increase the Performance on the Road.

Each part of your car is simply upgradeable and that is why we believe that the game is very realistic and everything is looking the same as the real life.

The most important part of the car is the Nitrous, as it will give you a huge boost in the car speed which saves you a lot of time in reaching the top speed of the car, also the acceleration process from zero to 100 is reduced significantly with it, and to afford the right funds for these upgrades, you must use our CarX Highway Racing hack, cheats, tips and guide service.



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