A very interesting strategy game, that is going to force you to put all your faith into your cards during the battle phase. Try to expand your territory as much possible and increase the income of your resources to become a great strategic warlord.

Follow our instructions down below and before anything else, just get the Castle Burn hack, cheats, tips and guide so you can call your deck finally the “Invincible Deck”.

Castle Burn was created and published by “Delusion Studio Inc.” and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.


Let’s skip out all the introductions and head directly into the basic training so you would become ready for the challenge that is waiting for you ahead. Keep in mind always that you can simply withdraw your forces If you believe that this battle you are about to begin is completely lost, this is an option that is provided by the game, but use it carefully because the same will come to your soldiers and your castle after doing such an act.

Now, let’s start the first battle against the level one Jeanne. The battles are based on putting the two opponent`s castles right in the face of each other, and the winner is the one who managed to destroy the opponent`s castle, this is going to be a tough challenge to be honest. So let’s start now.

In your territory, you will be able to deploy units and buildings, this territory is the area is around the castle, which will be highlighted with the blue color, when a camp is built, the territory will simply expand, so always begin by building a camp to have bigger vision and bigger controlling area.



Conquering Strategy.

Deploying units or building new camps could be done by using the function bar the bottom of the UI, simply drag and drop the desired card and you shall see the effect of it instantly.

New camps will always increase the capacity of your castle. Which will allow you to deploy more units once the camp is completed, there are many advantages of these camps as well, you will get to know them as you progress in the game.

A mana sanctum is a building which collects mana, an essential resoruces for your progression in the game as well, make sure you are building enough mana sanctums. They could be only built over the mana sources at the battle field.

Customize your Deck Before the Battle.

Having a decent strong deck is something you should always keep in mind before entering a tough challenge, because you will be able only to use the cards which are already in your deck, and once the battle begins your deck is going to become your only savior in there.

Sometimes this process could be done through the battle, but it it will come at the cost of your sources of mana.

Upgrade Your Castle for Higher Winning Chances.

Once you add almost two different cards, you will be able to upgrade the castle commences. Which means that you are going to use tier 2 cards, pay a quick visit to the cards section and add them to your deck for better and stronger cards.

Now the time has come to march towards the enemy. Let’s deploy unit cards on the battlefield as they will march automatically to the opponent`s castle without looking behind for a second.

Deploy as many as possible, and always try to deploy your hero Jeanne on the battle field, as the hero has great attack speed and deals powerful damage when it is compared to any other regular attacking unit.

With the help of Castle Burn hack, cheats, tips and guide, we are pretty sure that you will get to use it to expand your territory and increase the firepower of your cards right away.



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