You are not fighting with a regular guild mates in this game; you are actually a cat whom is controlling other cats to recruit them to fight under their banner. The game might be weird and stupid, but in fact the gameplay is very hard and we have loved every moment of it. Especially when we added, the Castle Cats Epic Story Quests cheats into the service and the whole experience has changed dramatically.

Castle Cats Epic Story Quests was created and published by “PocApp Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Cat fights will never end, there are huge battles are about to happen and your device must be ready to handle these intense battles well…that is when you will realize that the game graphics is not very high and it is easily customizable.

Apart from the device powers, we have to remind the readers that the Castle Cats Epic Story Quests hack will also improve the gaming quality and you can learn more about this  part down below.

Pick Up Your Favorite Language.

Choose a language to play the game in at the first scene, there are about 13 different global languages and all of them are very popular enough, so finding your favorite language should not be a problem anymore.

We have picked up the English language, as this is the language that we have written this Castle Cats Epic Story Quests guide in. next part will dive deeper into the gameplay components.

Welcome New Guild Leader!

Put on a proper outfit and meet the assistant outside the guild arena and that will happen as soon as you accomplish picking up your character and completing the customization phase successfully.

There are several outfits to choose from and we have been surprised about how lethal a cat could become. The cats are very peaceful creatures but that is not something being applied into this game.

We do not have many suggestions to be applied into this phase as the Castle Cats Epic Story Quests tips have been running out and anything in this part is mainly related to your own preference.



Are you Ready To Get Started?

Remember that you can change your name later on the game. Granting the game, the right permissions are required to see it functioning properly without any problems or sputtering.

Zombies are going to become your first opponents at the battle arena. This would be a cool way to test out your fighting skills and see how you are reacting according to a certain plan. The zombies will shiver and you can stop them if you are using the Castle Cats Epic Story Quests cheats at the beginning that is when you will shine as a true hero!

Cool Quests Are Waiting For You Ahead.

The quests board will show you the available zombies at your stage and will give you a detailed report of the rewards and the type of the battles.

Entering any quest or declining could be only done through the quests board. Remember that all the quests have a level requirement and at least one skill requirement.

This part could see an improvement as you advance up in level and see new skills and powers right at your hand to be used and customized.

Final Verdict.

Meeting the quest requirements increases the great success chance of the quest, the same could be said about the Castle Cats Epic Story Quests hack service and its main ability to move forward through the different stages of the game.

Earning a great success gives you all the rewards shown in the box. This box is located on the bottom right corner with a percentage of your success rate. Do not let this percentage fool you, as you will become a talented player by reaching this stage of the review.

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