Prepare yourself to enter one of the most intense tower defending games. Picking up the right hero at the starting phase and getting a solid deck that is ready to take out any opponent whenever the needs for it increases.

Send invitations out to your friends and create clans to fight together under one banner and one goal. Using the Castle Creeps Duels cheats will work on increasing your winning chances as well.

Castle Creeps Duels was created and published by “Outplay Entertainment Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform out there my friend.

Welcome TO Castle Creeps Duels!

A very hard welcome ceremony is waiting for you ahead, so you better prepare yourself for the first battle, as you are supposed to destroy the enemy towers down as fast as possible.

The battleground will be split into two sides. You are in the blue color located on the left side of the screen. And your base and towers are standing there ready to do everything they can to defend you from the incoming attacks.

If you want to know exactly how to win the battle, then reading the rest of the Castle Creeps Duels guide is a good thing to do.

Summon The Troops into The Battle.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the troops bar. And this bar is the only place you will get to summon new troops into the battlefield.

Each soldier or a unit in other words will consume some power points. And depending on the summoned unit power. The higher the power and the more points will be consumed and that is how the game works exactly. Follow our Castle Creeps Duels tips to know exactly which soldiers will fit into the starting battle and manage to make the victory by your side.



Sending Reinforcements Is Necessary Act.

Each summoned unit, will move automatically into the other side of the screen, it will move and start attacking the first tower they meet. Of course the towers will start hitting you back, but that is when you should start sending reinforcements to support the invasion tactics and bring order and piece into the land by defeating your enemies.

Increasing your powers could be done through several ways, and one of the most important ones is the Castle Creeps Duels cheats service. It is totally for free, but you could learn more about it later on here.

How to Win?

I guess, you are now fully aware of the game type and how the battle works. But you do not know exactly when will you be considered as a winner or a loser. But at first, you should introduce the Castle Creeps Duels hack system into your playing style.

Destroying the towers alone is not enough, these towers are only the defense system. Your main focus should be on the citadel behind the towers in the red color. Give the attacking orders to fully attack the citadel and burn it down to see the ashes of it coming out and giving vision to you to order an advanced attacking system.

Unlock Chests for Bigger Rewards.

Receive amazing rewards for completing missions, and the harder the mission was the bigger the reward is going to be.

Keep improving and progressing forward by increasing your skill level as a whole. Also there is no problem at all to use the Castle Creeps Duels hack to increase the entire military power and the defending system as well.

Each chest you will be receiving will consume a certain period of time to get unlocked. It will vary depending on the rarity level of the chest. The normal ones will happen to take approximately 1 minute, but the higher and bigger ones are going to consume a lot of time.

You may enable the notifications system to let you know once the chest is opened and ready to be used once more.

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