Let’s take the little cat back home again with “Raiyumi” newest game cat bird which is available on both android and IOS devices, the game is defined as adventure game, where the little cat has fallen out of its planet to another one and now it needs to move between planets till it reaches its planet again, with pixel design and simple controls you will get addicted to the game in no time and you will try your hardest to finish the game quickly, so let’s talk about cat bird tips and benefits of cat bird hack.

Simple Design, Great Story.

As the design is simple and pixel but you can also see the objects and identify them and everything is designed well, the other effects and backgrounds are great and make you want to explore more about the game to see those cute terrains and backgrounds, in every world you will find different terrains and backgrounds to not feel bored during game play and to feel the difference between those worlds.

Despite the pixel design cat bird comes with very good story about a cat bird fall off its planet and fell into another strange planet so you have to help it move through different planets and help it meet different bosses till it reaches its home again safely, so this story will make you forget bout the simple design and focus how to finish the story fast.

Different Levels.

The game consists of 40 challenging level and 3 planets, so you have to play every level to reach the other one and at the end of each planet you will face the planet boss who you must defeat to advance to the next planet, and through this you will have to stay alive as you have limited amount of lives, or you can use cat bird cheats and never get out of lives.



Different Modes.

There’s two modes for the game, the first mode is the ordinary story mode and the other mode is the time trial where you have to finish the level in a certain time and to make this you have to be fast and focus on the game play, also there’s the challenges where you have to beat the score of another one or to beat his time, and you can make the achievements so you can get into the leaderboards and compete with others and be the master of the game, and through all of this you can use cat bird cheats and get all the levels unlocked and stop the timer from moving so you can win in the time you ant without the timer finishes.

Beware of Enemies.

You will face many enemies through the game like pits, traps, enemies and saw blades, all of them are deadly and will take the life of your cat bird instantly, so beware from them as they could stop your progress.

And if you are on android +5 “lollipop” you can show off your abilities with the reply kit and know what is wrong you have made so you don’t make it gain when you replay the game.

Hack the Cat.

Through playing the game you will face many difficulties that will stop you from making a progress in the game, so you can use cat bird hack and get all the fun of the game, where through this hack you will be able to disable annoying ads and play the game freely, also you will be able to buy all the packages for free and with no cost or external purchases, also it will give you unlimited lives so you will be able to play freely and don’t care about lives, and if you are playing time trial mode you can use it to disable the timer.

Cat bird hack is completely free and safe, and it won’t affect the performance of your device.

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