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Start your journey with a very tiny little kitty, and that is when your dream of having the biggest condo in the world will begin. Combine the new cats together and start creating new species and giving them the shelter into your condo.

Your cats will be working and increasing your income of gold coins, but some people will find that not enough to keep up with the ambition they have. That is when you should be using the Cat Condo cheats and having all of them coins you need with a simple click.

Cat Condo was created and released by “Zenpi Ltd” company, and you can start downloading and playing it right away on your Android or IOS device for free.

You do not need a high-end device to run such a game, and that is something that have enjoyed about it. Your simple small old smartphone can download it and enjoy all of its amazing gameplay contents and the main idea behind its creation as well.

The game is contain the in game, purchases. Therefore, the Cat Condo hack should become an active service all the time; cover your needs without having to go through the paycheck process.

Let us Start Building Your Cat Condo!

In this Cat Condo guide, we will be walking through several important parts of the game and the main goal is to help the new players to have the entire information they need about the basics, and the advanced players learn more advanced ways to progress forward and move around at the further stages in the game.

So, we will walk a step by step through the gameplay sequence and if you are looking for way advanced instructions, then skipping the first three parts could be a good idea by then.

Start your first mission in the game as it will ask you to open the box by tapping over it, that is when you will be repeating the process and getting two cats of the same time on two tables.

Every time, you are getting two cats of the same type, you should know that they could be combined together. Do this by dragging and dropping the cats together. This is the most basic way to get a new cat species into your family.

The next part of the review will hold way too many important information and will help you to jump on the success track!



Keep Creating New Species.

Your first new discovery will be the kitten, and you should not be stopping here. Keep tapping to drop boxes; a new box will be automatically dropped on the tables after 10 seconds of the waiting time.

Tapping on them boxes icon will only increase the spawn rate and decrease the waiting time. As soon as all the locations are occupied, the counter of boxes spawned will stop working immediately.

That is when the next phase shall be starting, tap on the boxes and unlock new cats and start matching the same cats together to create the kitten. But what will happen next after getting the kitten?

We have been always working on helping the new players to be aware of the most importantCat Condo tips we have gathered. Therefore, the next scene should be mainly about matching the kittens together to get a brand new species.

Sneaky cat is the second phase of the combination process. It has the same color of the kitten but the eyes are pretty much bright in the yellow color. And since the coins will be playing a vital role from now on, so add the Cat Condo cheats to your “TO DO LIST”.


Now, you can understand the main idea of the gameplay and how the new species are being produced to the world. drag, drop and combine the same types together to see something new in to the life.

By reaching this stage, we do believe you must be looking for the next phase or for a goal to reach next. You should know that the next advanced stages will require loads of coins from your side and we are pretty sure you cannot afford that right away.

So, we have decided to list down the safest and most reliable ways to get coins, follow the list if you are interested.

  • Keep the game opened and watch your cats earning you coins every second.
  • Achieving something new will reward you with coins.
  • Advancing up in level will unlock new features and some number of coins.
  • Getting the Cat Condo hack into the action and learning its pros and cons.

These were the most reliable ways to get coins in the game so far, so if you are comfortable with any of these methods. Then start doing them right away.



Step Up Your Game!

The loop that you are going through from the start will begin to get longer and much harder, as you have to get kittens, then the next, then the next, then the next and so on…

Here is your shortcut to heaven ticket and by doing this upgrade; you will be saving yourself tons of time and effort. However, it is very costly, so the Cat Condo cheats should be able to handle such a situation comfortably.

Pay a visit to the shop and start purchasing the upgraded cats to have them as your default respawning point. This will save you one level by each upgrade you are purchasing so far.

The surprise box will appear randomly from time to time and it will contain something that is random, could be good could be normal.

As the developers been planning to profit as much as possible from the game, so watching game advertisement from inside will get you to unlock certain features. You can substitute such a thing with the Cat Condo cheats powers.

New features Waiting For You Ahead!

You must been looking for a way to increase the space that you have the shelter, as it will allow you to expand the business and introduce new cats to your world. Therefore, here is a list of the benefits you will get from advancing up in level.

  • Higher income and stable progression speed.
  • Unlocking new spaces and having more freedom with bringing the cats in.
  • Enjoy the full set of the game features and having nothing to be hidden.
  • Getting the best out of the Cat Condo hack, as you have everything unlocked.

Do not forget to visit the options menu to customize the game; you cannot customize much from there, as the Music and Sound are the only two options visible for you to play around with. However, this is still worth a try in case you were keen only to listen to some private playlists.

Now, by reaching this point we can expect you to be fully aware of the game principles and more in depth of the gameplay. In addition, we must remind you again to have the Cat Condo hack by your side in this experience to enrich it out.

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