CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars was created and published via “Zeptolab” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the android and IOS platforms.

The game is addictive from the first moment, as it does not require from you to be fully focused, with simple taps here and there, your machine will be ready to fight.

Having great ideas of making weapons out of forks and regular items we could use in our daily life. That is the main part of the game, beside the CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars cheats that will improve the quality of the game by miles.

Quick info

You have to accept the terms and rules of the game before getting started, we can assure you that these rules are very acceptable and nothing is suspicious. There is also an age verification system and we are not recommending you to accept sharing your ratings and states with a third party company, as we are considering this a breach to the security.

The time has come now to present yourself to the world and enter the world championship path. This is something that happens rarely in the world of cats, but your opportunity has risen for you.

The CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack will back you up during your ladder-climbing journey and that is something very fascinating. Receive your first Machin as present from uncle tony; but first, make sure you are arming your machine with a weapon.

Customize Your Machine

The stats of your machine could be shown at the bottom and it is split into three sections.

  • The health points, the higher your health points the longer you will survive the attacks.
  • Increase your attack power by obtaining the latest gears out there, the CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack could help in this regard.
  • Energy points to play more and have the ability toe execute special skills

Those were the main indicators for your machine ability, and the time has come to improve your skills in the gameplay…



How to Play?

The machines fight automatically, so you do not need to control them. Your job is just to assemble the best build and enjoy the results from the balcony.

The best parts could be found with CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars cheats, so I guess you are the half way from being a pro player and one of the strongest so far.

Check on each challenge to see whether it is easy or not, some challenges will require from you to have certain optimizations applied onto your machine to be able to stand alive during the battle phase.

With those CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars tips, I guess you will manage to fight your way through and the time has come to advance into the second phase.

Exciting New Battle System

Since the tools are playing a vital role on the combat, so you must know the weaknesses your enemies have and how to take advantage of them.

For example, we used the CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars cheats to obtain the forklift to give us higher hp and help with taking the enemies down on their backs. Once you flip and enemy over his chances to kill you simply vanish away in no time.


Winning fights will reward you with great items; open the boxes you getting to get new tools into your inventory.

The boxes are split into several types, the rare and regular and the mythical. The rarest ones will be hard to find and the CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars hack will help you with obtaining the mythical chests out there.

Check on the settings of the game to customize the features inside. You can enable the music sound and gif replays or turn them off depending on your preference. All of these are things you can do to the game to make the playing experience much smoother.

Do not forget to connect the game to the social media to get the extra free 15 diamonds.

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