A turn based game that is copying the same technique of the chess games. It is a very smart game and you will not encounter many games similar to its level on the stores. In addition, the quality of the animations are very high and will leave you with a great impression.

Fight off the devils and retain back your stolen land and home with the Chain Strike cheats and do whatever it takes to eliminate whatever stands between you and your lands…

Chain Strike was created and published by “Com2uS” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms freely.

You do not need a high-end device to get the game running, but we are recommending you to have a device that is standing in between the mid-range devices to see the effects running smoothly. In addition, you can purchase new upgrades and apply new changes to the battle with the Chain Strike hack help. Read the following preview to learn more in depth about it.

How Did It All Start?

It has been 10 years since the empire’s war of conquest has begun. We were the last kingdom to stand against the empire. The empire prepared the war of conquest so thoroughly that we were about to be defeated. There is only one way to overcome this situation!

Going back to the past by using the power of phials that the empire possesses. If we could go back time to 10 years ago! We will be able to get our families and land that they took from us…

This was the main storyline in a brief, later on our Chain Strike guide we will try to cover up the deepest parts of the gameplay and help the new players to have a better vision over the game without even downloading it.

The first mission will take place at the imperial army’s main base. In addition, you have to be ready in order to get into the imperial’s main base. We only have to get to the place where the PhileasIsland is hidden. In addition, Seemus will be leading the way in our journey, so let us prepare ourselves for the worst and new surprises…



The Future is filled with Challenges.

On the previous segment, we do believe that you are fully aware of the main prospects of the game and having a clear vision on why did all of this begin at the first place. There is a watch turret, we have to evade and go inside and we would advise you to follow our Chain Strike tips to pass it successfully.

Watch the turret skill as it will be activated in one turn. Some skills will usually take a certain period of time to become fully functional. Now listen up carefully!

Each guardian has his own direction, so you need to get used to his or her movement process and know exactly how he or she do function under the pressure. In addition, with the Chain Strikehack, we do believe that you will begin to see new limits to your powers.

Tapping on any unit in your army will show you the available tiles that the hero can move into, they will be colored in green. The tiles with the weird mark are the warning tiles and are the attack range of the watch turret.

Even your attacks are having their limits and needs to be held back for the maximum results. And now lets move to the target area by avoiding the watch turret’s attack.

How To play?

Guardians can make only one action in 1 turn so plan before making any action! In addition, look at the bottom right screen, as you will find the action points (AP) are consumed when the guardian acts and the turn will end automatically when they are all used. Alternatively, you can tap the end turn button to instantly end the turn.

Do not forget to add the Chain Strikehack into your to do list whilst playing the game. All of these features will make the game more enjoyable and all you have to do is to activate it.

Watch out for the enemy attacking range, as they will destroy you if you have stepped forward with the wrong guardians. Always let the strong and tanker guardians to take the lead and become your shields at the battlefield.

Well done, let us move the rest of guardians to the target area. In addition, this will become the next move after destroying your opponent and securing yourself a place among the top tier players.

Improve the quality of your guardians with the Chain Strike hack, and do not abuse using it in order to keep the challenge on the battlefield.



Amazing Boss Fights!

The game is not free from boss fights, they will show up at different parts of the gameplay and we will try to give you the right instructions to find the weakness of each boss you are about to face.

The game is not that easy and there will be several bosses that will deal some great harm to you. The Chain Strike cheats will be there as well to help you with the main basic parts of the gameplay.

You cannot fail on any mission, so you must break through as fast as possible and secure yourself a location among the winners. The boss will usually order everyone to come at you and take you out.

Each boss will has his own unique passive skills, for example, the mid-range boss will cause you to decrease the cool down of each skill. That is when the real battle begins no! Let’s get rid of the imperial ones right away!

Enter the Chain Strike cheats service to see yourself dominating whatever battle you are entering. So why do not you change the prospective first so you can check the field better! Put your finger on the screen and flick it quickly.

Final Verdict.

You can now see the game from above and this will become helpful for you at the battle. Understanding the movements of your opponents and getting everything into the line will simply do you a great favor.

Getting the Chain Strike cheats into the active line will simply provoke your enemies and allow you to have several method to eliminate your enemy and take him out.

Put your finger o the opposite side and slide it to change the original view. Now, let me talk you through the battle and you can attack the enemy within the action range with the attacking skills.

Tap the picture of the guardian at the bottom side of the screen in order to activate the attacking option. Remember that you can select an attack skill with a tap. Why do not we try out the multiple slash skill that uses two AP!

Let us tap the imperial army now and use the multiple slash skill. As it will attack the enemy in the rage two consecutive times to recover the HP by 30% of the inflicted damage.

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