Do you appreciate playing Ketchapp’s diagram topping Breakout-style interminable arcade piece breaking diversion, Ballz, yet wish it had more style and identity?

Well that is precisely what’s being offered by Charming Runes, an iOS amusement from Shooty Skies engineer Mighty Games.

Skip mystical pickaxes. Simply drag your finger over the screen to set your point and discharge to throw the greater part of your pickaxes toward that path.

You have just a single pickaxe to begin with, yet you’ll get another pickaxe each time you tear open a pickaxe rune. Make certain to tear open the greatest number of pickaxe runes as you can, in light of the fact that there’s no preferable sight in Charming Runes over a surge of pickaxes skipping around and softening pieces up their direction with aggregate relinquish.

Utilize otherworldly catalysts. There are a few catalysts that can help you keep fiasco under control.

There’s the RuneScope, which gives you a chance to see the correct way your pickaxes will take even before you toss them. There’s the RuneSmasher, which is essentially a supercharged pickaxe, ready to exact three fold the amount of harm as a customary pickaxe. There’s RuneBoom, a mysterious mixture that detonates when tossed and demolishes obstructs around it.



There are additionally exceptional things that you can gather by breaking unique runes.

what is it about?

An otherworldly continuation of Mighty Games’ Charming Keep, Charming Runes resembles Ballz yet with heaps of capricious dream and a lot of gameplay profundity. Set far beneath Fairylandia, the amusement makes them help Birby the Canary dig for charmed runes. Furthermore, to do that, you need to break a great many blocks after square.

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