A fast food discovery RPG, challenge chefs from all over the world, invent new recipes. And do not forget to help the little girl with her mission, use our Chef Wars hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will become all-rounder for your challenge over there.

Chef Wars was created and published by “Mindcake Games” company and it is compatible with most the Android and IOS platforms.

Quick instructions for Beginners.

Before jumping directly into the gameplay, we have to put into consideration some important features that if you have managed to use them carefully, they will simply comeback to you in a form of enriching the gaming experience.

At the beginning, choose to log into the game as this will help you to save the progress that you have achieved so far, and this feature is considered to be a smart move as it will allow you to add friends to your account which ensures you that you will never lose them out.

Right now on the upcoming parts of this review, we shall be explaining the most important features and how they will be affecting the gameplay. Also we will try to mention the safest routes to success and development.

General Information.

Keep in mind that there are more than 500 towns to be visited. Chefs gain extra recipe slots through the brain booster training, it is better to keep this general information into your head as you are going to need them badly throughout the different stages of the game.

And for now, you should be following the major gameplay instructions on the upcoming segments, read them carefully to benefit as much as possible out from them.




Hello, this is Sylvie she is going to become your new assistant and will keep you updated with the required missions frequently, and at the first mission. You will notice that her father just passed away. And this is such a depressing thing that could happen to anyone. But that is not the main part that we are going to speak about here.

Actually, her father was one of the best chefs in the world and the kindest man that anyone would have ever knew. He actually has been really sick the last weeks. And she is suspecting that his old friend Baron von Pork has something to do with it, but actually nothing is truly believable as you have to investigate about it.

But the well-known thing is that her dad had his secret formula for a recipe kept in a vault, but somehow it has been gone now and no one has ever heard anything about it until this moment.

Take Down Baron the Thief!

Well, the girl as we have mentioned earlier, that she is believing that Baron is the one who stole it. Since her had mentioned earlier that he was working with baron and they have managed to invent a recipe that would change the world, but if it has fallen into the wrong hands, things will go upside down, and you cannot allow such a thing.

So Become the Master Chef! Win the chef award, this is the only way to prevent such a thing from happening and bringing back the order to our world.

Gameplay in Paris Streets.

In today`s battle your challenge is up against Audrey! Good luck!

So the challenge begins, choose between earthy, luxury and French themes. But you have to find a recipe that fits right in these themes. Remember that also the higher that number shown at the recipe, the tastier the recipe! But this will require a lot of training from your side in order to cook a tasty dish, but for now let’s help this little girl with what we have got.

Later on this game, do not forget to get the Chef Wars hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to be able to put your hands over almost every other recipe.



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