Chess Rush was created and published by “Tencent Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This game is expected to break every record and stand on the top of ranking tables. The same creators of the most famous battle royal game “Pubg” are here to bring to us another fascinating game. However, this version tends to focus more on the strategic part of the battle.

It is a turn based game, so you have to be smart and innovative. Finding a smart plan to take out your opponent in three steps is the right move. Adding Chess Rush Cheats to your gaming equation will result in a huge improvement in your overall performance.

Get Started

In our Chess Rush review, we will cover the most complicated parts of the gameplay. You should be reading it, if you are a beginner, amateur, even if you were a PRO player. We will start with the basics and move down slowly into the most advanced features so far…

You have to agree to the main terms and conditions in order to play the game. We have read it and we can assure you, that it does not contain anything suspicious.

Moving next to region selection. It is advised to select your real area to improve the experience and decrease the latency. It will not affect your personal data security by any means, so you should not worry at all.

  • Note: your internet connection must be stable and strong to help you with enjoying the game at its full potential.

Chess Rush has no age restriction. You can start playing it at any age, but certain features will only become available if you were +16. It does not include Chess Rush cheats or Chess Rush hack, they both are available, without any restrictions.

Fascinating Tutorial for Beginners & Professionals

Choosing a nickname for your character is a very important move, cause of the following reasons.

  • Cannot be changed later for free
  • Must obtain certain items to change your name
  • Will represent you on the field
  • Might face troubles, when friends try to add you
  • Cannot be recognized easily

You must be smart enough to pick the right name for your character. However, that will be taking us into the next phase, which is selecting your current skill level.

Chess Rush will offer you two options to choose from, either being a newbie or an expert. If you select the newbie, then you should be expecting a longer tutorial phase and easier opponents in the matchmaking.

If you are an expert, then you should be expecting a very short tutorial period and much harder opponents at early stages.

With Chess Rush hack, we are expecting you to dominate your opponents in both scenarios. However, it is recommended to go through the newbie phase to learn more about gameplay features and skills, it can be considered as a cool tour.

How to Play?

The battles are about to start, lets recruit a hero first to help us throughout different battle stages. Each hero will come with certain features and attributes. If this was your friend’s hero, then you should not be expecting big outcome from the new recruits.

  • Recruited heroes can be summoned using drag and drop method. But there is a so called preparation phase.
  • Preparation phase: it was created to give the two sides enough amount of time to prepare and summon recruits into battlefield. You have to operate as fast and afferent as possible in the given 12 seconds.

As you advance forward, your heroes slot will increase and this means you can recruit new heroes to help you on battlefield. Chess Rush cheats or Chess Rush hack can help you to get enhanced heroes, which will result in increased overall strength!

Deploy 2 furies at the same time to activate their special combo. For instance, the starting combo will be a decent shield that will protect you against incoming attacks.

The battlefield is split into slots, your job is to locate the suitable heroes in front and ranged ones behind. Finding the right formation that suits your units is a very hard task.

  • Note: beside species combos. Heroes with the same class can activate special combos.



Obtain New Heroes With Chess Rush Cheats!

Each round you will defend against another player attacks. The character who failed to defend would lose health. Use your units to create a strong block against your opponent attacks.

We did not mention the stars system and how it works. Each hero in your team will follow a certain stars rating system. The more stars it has, the stronger it will be and it must be matched with same stars opponent.

During tutorial phase, you will encounter an opponent who has already 2 star hero, so you need to recruit more heroes to level them up, otherwise you will have no chance surviving against his attacks.

  • At early parts of the game, you must understand that 3 identical 1-star heroes can be combined together to be a 2-star hero. Promote even more for a 3-star!

Afford getting a multiple number of heroes into your line up via Chess Rush cheats or Chess Rush hack. It will grant you the amount of diamonds or gems you desire.

On the top right corner, you can access the players list to learn more about your rankings, available players, and knocked out ones.

Final Conclusion

The more heroes of your opponent that survived, the more health you will lose after being defeated. You have to get out of this battlefield with the lowest number of casualties.

Only way to have a significant advantage over your opponent is by using Chess Rush cheats or Chess Rush hack to recruit as many heroes as possible into your team. More heroes means you are having the ability to change your tactics anytime.

  • You need to spend mana crystals to level up your character, so that you can deploy more heroes on the field. You are starting with a very limited number of summons, which will result in a decreased amount of power.

Once all your opponents are limited! You will make to the end of the tutorial. The rewards will be mainly consisting of experience points, coins, and level improvement. We have to remind you with the importance of Chess Rush Hack next!

Feel free to link your social media accounts with the game, but it is mainly based on Facebook. Communicate easier with your friends using in-game chat box. You can always decrease graphics quality to play the game for longer periods and make the animations much smoother.

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