Let’s play an easy game that will pass time for you and make you happy, welcome to the cute game chichens by the creators of 2016 best cat game and 2017 best claw machine game “hyperbeard“.

The game is defined as casual game and it’s very easy to be played and very funny and cute, the game is available for both Android and IOS devices, the main idea of the game is that you have to tap the chichens to get money and powers from them so you can unlock new egg to be hatched and get new chichens too and to unlock new levels, let’s talk about chichens tips and chichens hack benefits.

Cute Design.

The design of the game is very simple and very cute the main design is many landscapes and a lot of chichens, some chichens are chickens or potatoes or even pizza! as you play the game you have to play every level with different chichen to unlock the other one and unlock the new levels, the landscapes are designed to be static and don’t change through the game play and that is a good thing as you will be able to tap the chichen faster and make her madder.

Many Chichens.

As you play chichens you will be able to unlock new ones and there’s a lot of them, and the more you tap them the more coins and energy they will produce, but be careful it might get tired and need some time till it starts to produce again, so you can just use another chichen to finish faster, you can use chichens cheats and make the chichens produce more coins or get the maximum amount of coins so you can hatch a lot of eggs in no time.



Unlock New Worlds.

As you play the game you will be able to unlock new worlds with new landscapes and different music effects, and as you open new worlds you will be able to hatch new chichens, and for unlocking every world you should have enough amount of coins and energy, so you should play ad tap the chichens till you get the needed amount or you can just use chichens cheats and get the needed mount to unlock all the worlds, every world has its own landscapes and chichens and have its own effects also.

Faster Taps, More Progress.

As you play you have to tab the chichens as fast as you can so you get coins and energy faster, but if the chichen is tired you will have to wait until it’s good again, so it’s better to have more chichen in the ground so you don’t pause, chichens are silly creatures and they got mad when you tab them but it’s the only way to extract money out of them, also you can play with your friends as you get online and see each other’s progress through the game e fun together.

Chichens Hack.

As you play Hichens you have to be fast to collect all the coins, but there’s another way to collect what you want, it’s the chichens hack, and through it you will be able to get all what you want from coins, energy and special gems for free and with no cost, the hack also can get you the special packages for free and with no cost or external purchases, and also it will disable ads from your game so you will play it like a pro with no annoying ads that appears every while, also you can get all the special eggs and hatch them instantly with no wait of time and with no cost, the hack is completely safe and free and don’t need rooted or jailbraked device and won’t affect your device performance.

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