This is a game that would become your daily driver if you looking for something to kill your time and get you along with the day without being extremely bored. You can also get your kids a copy of the game and let them play it without having to check on it.

Take control over various monsters and start heading towards one main target, which is destroying the entire city. As you destroy more buildings, the new missions will be updated into your account automatically. Using the City Smasher cheats will help you to keep the success track going steady!

City Smasher was created and published by “TerranDroid” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

You do not need special device or requirements to run the game, just get the City Smasher hack and you will be more than fine in terms of the spending.

Quick Intro.

We have decided to speak more about the gameplay and controls in the first section of the City Smasher guide. Therefore, if you were looking for more advanced instructions then the following segments would be the perfect fit for your needs.

Drag the joystick that is located on the bottom left corner to move around the city and this is the first thing you will be learning with us here. Next move we will be teaching you is the attacking, tap on the attack button on the right corner and start smashing out buildings but this is the very basic technique, on the next parts, we will talk more about the special skills and how they will affect the gameplay.

Simple Controlling System.

You also have two skills, do not forget to execute them in emergency and if you are running out of time or facing a huge obstacle that needs to be eliminated instantly. Each attacking skill will go on the cool down state once activated but that is not the main deal.

First skill is called the haste; it will boost up your movement speed around the city and help you to move in much greater speed.

If you ever encountered any problems about the viewing angels of the gorilla, then change the viewing angels from the top right corner until you find the right view from the top.

A Small Map to Help You in the Directions.

We have been providing our readers with several set of City Smasher tips, but we do believe that you will need more than the basics to reach the highest places on the ranking table.

On the mini map that is located on the far left coroner you can find signs that will indicate the target position. Watch your health points while you are smashing, as you do not want to see your gorilla being killed.

Chase Your Targets Carefully.

You should not keep moving randomly on the map and have a certain plan on your head to achieve; this is the ideal way to play the game. Stop smashing unnecessary buildings. In addition, use the City Smasher cheats to be able to apply upgrades to your gorilla freely.

Enter the settings menu to start playing around with the available settings in the list. Increasing the music and sounds with a simple swipe is a feature that is available for everyone.

Customize Your Game.

One of the least features in the settings menu is the notifications trigger. If you got addicted to the gameplay and would love to keep yourself updated with the latest changes, then enabling the notifications should become a priority.

Tap on the mission’s icon on the top corner if you ever forgot about your goals and it will keep you tracked with the latest achievements you have done. Each mission will come with three main objectives to be completed and it will reward you with one start on each objective you competing.

The City Smasher hack should always be there to remove the ads and provide you with the funds that could be used as we have illustrated above.

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