Clash of Clans was created and published by “Supercell” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Clash of clans is free to play, but you can speed up your progress with in-app purchases (to disable this, set up password protection in your google play store app settings). Tap OK to accept our terms and privacy policy. However, you can always accept this offer and activate Clash of Clans Hack as a free alternative…

Lead your town to a huge glory by defending the invaders at first, when the time comes to snatch the glory from your enemy, then use Clash OF Clans Hack to demolish them with advanced gears.

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You must understand the main concept of the game at first. Gameplay is running on the idea of creating your own starting village and lead them to cover the most basic resources at the beginning.

Second phase would be based on updating your own city and taking into another level. This is a very important step to consider using Clash of Clans hack.

Your elder village leader will welcome you to your new village. Life has been perfect there for a very long time but the goblins decided to invade it continuously to steal and kill the villagers.

Your first task is to build a cannon to defend the village against the goblin horde. It can be done by entering the shop and purchase it.

You must have a proper plan in your head when it comes to placing defending centers. It would be an ideal step for you to place your first cannon in the center of the village, as you have to protect the town hall at any cost.

How to Play?

Construction in Clash of Clans is very smart and it gives you a lot of privileges in return. You are taking complete control of the 3D system to buildings and defending towers here is a list of how to start up your village in the right way:

  • Find a smart plan to cover up your spending’s
  • Do not place your full power on defending options
  • Attack is the best way to defend
  • Place your defending cannons and towers to cover up the entire village
  • Upgrade your town continuously
  • Build the village on a ley line
  • Ensure that the cannons will magically repair itself

Completing missions will grant you decent rewards depending on the difficulty level. It would be a nice addition to activate Clash of Clans cheats.

  • As soon as you are done with the defensive phase of the village, then it would be smart to focus more on your offensive shape.
    • Hiring a second build will let you start two constructions at same time.

Next, we will talk about the must do things to cover up the entire beginning phase…



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Elixir is essential for training troops and building many structures. You can pump elixir from the underground ley line. However, the collector can only store a small amount of elixir.

Here is a list of the things you must to do at the start:

  • Create A solid defensive system
  • Building an extra storage vat will allow you to stockpile the stuff!
  • Building a safe place to store your gold reserves is a must thing to do at the start.
  • Find a reliable source of gold to continue your journey and achieve your goals
  • Create extra workers to complete work faster as time is very crucial
  • A decent defense will do good in order to stop goblins from taking your stored gold
  • Train troops and upgrade them to their highest potential to stop continuous attacks.

By completing these steps you should be ready to step up your game and move towards the advanced phase.

You must be wondering exactly on how to train your troops to make them strong enough for the upcoming battles and defending your village.

With the gold you have received so far, you must focus on upgrading the town hall for several reasons.

  • Increase storage capacity for gold
  • Increase storage capacity for food
  • Increase hit points to survive for longer attacks
  • Unlock new buildings

Attacking is very different in this game from its competitors. They have managed to make it smart yet simple. You can learn more in this regard on the upcoming sections…

Create Strong Bonds with Your Clan Comrades

Battles have their own rules in this game. However, we have created a detailed guide for the beginners and advanced players.

We will assume that you have already upgraded your troops with the gold you have gained from Clash of Clans hack or destroying goblin’ nests.

Battle system is coming in a form of challenge. You are given the opportunity to choose your battle and run away from the ones you might think they are too strong for you. We do believe that our Clash of Clans hack will be more than enough to put you on the map among the top tier players.

There are three modes to choose from in battle system:

  • Practice: hone your skills and try out different attack strategies for free! New practice levels become available as you upgrade your town hall. It will start with 17 levels with decent rewards.
  • Single Player: A series of missions will take you throughout a very challenging experience. It is packed with 225 stars to gather and each mission has three stars. You can consider getting help from Clash of Clans Cheats.
  • Multiplayer: it requires a solid internet connection to attack an opponent. You must have enough coins to launch an attack. Remember, you can find a match at any time, but your shield will be shortened if you start an attack. If you have less than the attack cost, your shield will be removed.

Now, you are aware of the main points in the gameplay and you must be eager to learn more about global chat ad clan system.

You must agree to the following rules before you receive the access to the global chat:

  • Respect your fellow clashers!
  • Always remember to keep your private information private.
  • Mute disruptive players in chat
  • Use report to let us know about offensive players
  • Misconduct may lead to your account being banned

Moving next to the clans system. Unlock clans by rebuilding the clan castle! Clan mates help each other and send reinforcement troops and spells to defend the lands from other clan’s attacks.

It is always advised to keep a decent relationship with other clan members and they will be always there to back you up.

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