Dragon’s dad is the guardian of the east continent and he disappeared suddenly and you have to help dragon to save his village by helping him get coins to get jades who will get him the treasure who his father hid for him and from that treasure he will take care of the village, this is the main story of “moyu games” newest game clash of dragmon, the game is defined as strategy game and available for both android and IOS devices, so let’s talk about clash of dragmon tips before we start to play the game and talk also about what we will get from clash of dragmon hack.

Construct Your Village.

Through the game you will have to help dragon to build his own village and help him to keep it secure from the enemies who try to take it out like dragon’s father, through the game you will have to build defenses like cannons, towers and crossbows to save your villages, you can use clash of dragmon cheats and get all the defenses for free and protect your village from the hardest enemies, through the game you will have also to construct bases for dragmons to train and make farms to grow corps and many other buildings to build to make your city stronger and more developed.

Train Your Dragmons.

Through the game you will have to build your army from dragmons and customize them, and as through the gameplay you will be able to upgrade their skills through training and evolve them, and you will be able also to customize their powers and looks, and you will be able also to breed new types of dragmons with unique powers and skills to fight enemies with them and raid on their villages with your strategy, and loot their resources where you will use them to develop your village and evolve your dragmons, and through the arena you will develop the dragmons skills faster with little more cost, but you can get it for free by using clash of dragmon cheats and get all the upgrades and premium upgrades for free and make all of our dragmons invincible against enemy.



Raid for Resources Through Endless Map.

You will be having to train your dragmons and make them stronger to use them to raid enemy villages to get loots from their villages to use them in developing your village and make your enemies weaker, and the more you raid on their villages you will get more power and stronger till you become the king of the world an no one be able to defeat you and your forces, and though an endless map with endless resources and updatable server you will never find an end to the game and with the sand box fun you will be able to customize many battles to see the strength of your dragmons, and through the game you will be able to collect more than 100 dragmon to battle with, and through four leagues and many modes you will have unlimited fun through the game.

Dragmon Hack.

Through the game you will need to get lot of coins to develop your dragmons and raid against enemy villages and loot their resources and build your own resources centers, so you will take long time to be the most powerful player through the game, or you can use clash of dragmon hack ad get all the needed coins and gems for free and make all the upgrades for your village and dragmons to make them invincible against enemies, you will also be able to get all the packages for free and with no external purchases, and all of this will make you play the game for free and with lot of fun than waiting for the update to be done.

Clash of dragmon hack is completely safe and won’t affect your device performance or harm it while you are using it.

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