Clash of Knights was created and published by “NEOWIZ” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

The humanity is at the stake, you must stand up and the carry the mission of eliminating the Demon and bring him back to the sealed prison and ensure that the peace is back again all over the kingdom.

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5 Kingdoms Standing At The Threat Of Annihilation

The gameplay is taking place in five different kingdoms. We will mention them briefly and speak mainly about the storyline to put you in the depth of the action.

  • Asgard
  • Tartaros
  • Elysion
  • Avalaon
  • Atlantis

Those were the main kingdoms. Each kingdom is well known for a special profession that describes their main powers.  They are came to be known as the land of immortal calm. Their peace seemed like it would last forever, but that is totally against what actually happened.

Moloch, the demon king was freed from his binding seal. Therefore, he has started to follow his eternal plan to divide the kingdoms and spread evil and hate.

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The Kingdoms Have Fallen!

The demon king’s army of monsters and corrupt heroes grew quickly. Making it all but impossible to stop his resurrection and sweeping the kingdoms in an endless war.

Keep in mind that during battle, multi touch can be used to zoom the screen in or out by using your two fingers. In addition, the Clash of Knights hack service is still available to be used during the different parts of the story.

Now, you should be ready to take the next step and enter the battlefield. We have covered the history behind the whole thing and it is your turn to take your role and make things happen.



Battle System In Depth

The first battle you will be very tough battle and your powers on the other hand will be on its highest potential. As the game will do a small drawback to the very beginning to let you explore and expand your powers as you progress forward.

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Forcing your heroes to charge into the battle could be done by pulling the screen and releasing to make your hero charge in the opposite direction.

Advanced Turn-Based Mechanism

This is a turn-based game, we are not supporting such type of games so much, but of course, there are fans of this style. Therefore, we are recommending the Clash of Knights cheats to be used in order to enhance the quality of the experience as a whole.

Winning battles will reward you with great items; you can use those items to upgrade your heroes or maybe even unlock new ones and add them to your team.

Upgrade Your Heroes Abilities With Clash of Knights Cheats

Each hero in your team will come with certain attributes. We will give you a quick view over the main attributes in more details.

  • HP: the health points responsible for keeping the hero alive
  • ATK: The damage you are about to deal
  • DEF: the attribute that will determine the amount of damage you are receiving
  • Speed: Your movement speed on the field
  • Weight: your agility and flexibility
  • Critical Rate: the chance that your attack will become critical

All of those attributes could be upgraded once the hero advance up in the level. In addition, the Clash of Knights hack will accelerate the whole process.

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