Fight against the best robots just in Clash of Robots!

With Clash of Robots, Get prepared for the activity pressed continuous multiplayer battle of the decade! Join your human insight with the quality, flexibility and strategies of a robot in this cutting edge mechanical diversion. Draw in with the foe, recognize their shortcoming, figure a system and plunge into this battle and give your 100% for sparkling prizes. Join epic PVP fights against rivals from everywhere throughout the world!

Cutting edge FIGHTS

Select into Career Mode to battle one on one of every 3 rounds to learn moves. Control the automated world to get most extreme advantages in the Tournament Mode. Move to the Leaderboards of Clash of Robots to be the most regarded warrior of all! You can likewise join an association to play with a solitary soldier one on one from everywhere throughout the world! Win Challenges and show your accomplishments in an all new Trophy Room.


Appreciate the consistent skirmish battle component and educate your robot some debilitated moves in this expertise based battling framework. Divert your robot rivals from their amusement with hard hitting assaults and dumbfounding moves. Release your robot seethe with destructive pokes, uppercuts and uncommon moves against adversaries to win big showdown belts, gather trophies and knockout all rivals!




Need to win the battle with the most astute moves? At that point open the remarkable knockout assault of your robot and utilize it for the most extreme effect! Every one of the 40 contenders are relegated hooking assaults like Power Punch, Doom Attack and Mega Trample! This ideal adjust of fiction and authenticity and the battle material science is certain to flavor up the match to set up a stunning show! Top off your energy bar to release unique deadly assaults to rule in battle!


Make a war machine to fit your own play style numerous conceivable blends of robots and weapons. Release unique forces like Aegis Defense and Magna Shield to evade the assaults of your opponents. Put your earnest attempts and prepare to for an astonishing battle involvement. Keep yourself from an unfavorable annihilation and demonstrate your nerves of steel by utilizing the Health Kit in your hour of need.


Browse more than 45 alternatives, a robot that communicates your identity the best! Face your greatest opponents in your best symbol that has life like complex points of interest and impeccable activitys. At the point when the greatest adversaries conflict, ensure you emerge of the rest! Join the positions of the Metal Warriors! Release the champions, participate in a definitive challenge!

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