Clawberta was created and published by “HyperBeard” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on your Android and IOS platforms.

The game was built on the concept of unlocking surprising toys. You will be soaked into a fantasy colorful world called Dream World!

Follow clawberta through her journey, pick up toys, and increase your stock of hats and toys in general. The game is coming in

Get Started

As soon as the game starts, you will notice the cheerful music playing and there will be a small interruption as you are supposed to login with your google play account and permit the game certain permissions to fully function successfully.

Reading our full version of the Clawberta review will introduce you to the hidden secrets at the game, and of course, if you were a beginner, then you will enjoy our detailed information regarding the gameplay in general.

Clawberta just moved from the arcade! Time to let the toys know queen C has arrived. You could find one of your loyal servants among the other toys shown on the intro menu.

Move the joystick shown at the bottom side of the screen to control the clawberta. Move it from left to right and make sure that you are adjusting it at the right position to drop down the hawk and grab a toy.

  • Once you catch a toy, you should know if it shakes three times then you are good to go.
  • Each monster you receiving will come with the four stars rating and an option to share it through your social media, we will come back later to the social media part.
  • Remember that the one star is the weakest and four stars is the strongest.
  • Skip the waiting period to open the toys by using the Clawberta cheats!



Save Your Time With Clawberta Cheats!

By reaching this point, we are sure now that you are fully aware of the game basics including the Clawberta cheats service and ready to jump into the second stage.

You can find the yellow balls among the other toys, these are the coins. You can still double your coin rewards if you watch a quick ad. However, if you do not like the waiting and would love to enjoy the game directly, then the Clawberta cheats should be your way to go.

Gachapon will take certain periods to become available that is something you should put into consideration. Skipping this time could be done through two methods.

  • Spend coins and reveal it right away
  • Get massive amount of coins through Clawberta cheats and worry no more about the cost

On the top left corner, you can access the menu. The menu including several important features of the game so do not miss it out.

  • Check list

You must enter it to know exactly what your upcoming mission is. The completed missions will be highlighted with a glowing red and blue color; you can also see the Check mark right next to it.

There are decent rewards for each completed mission, and you must hurry up, as they will be restarted after a certain period. The time left will be shown on the bottom as a countdown.

Tons Of Customizations To Play With

Customizing the Clawberta is a very interesting feature in this game. Enter the customization section and you can find tons of available hats to put on and different outfit that will add some extra taste to the gameplay.

  • Some items will require from you to spend gems in order to unlock them.
  • The gems could be obtained through the in game play but it is very rare.
  • You can also get the gems from Clawberta hack.
  • Once you get enough gems enter the hats machine and start taking your risk to unlock the required hat.

The ones you will never manage to obtain is the hats, which will appear only on the daily checklist. Ensure that you are tracking the daily checklist to know exactly once it is available.

Keep in mind that the gems will never add anything special to your ability in the game; it is only for the look and style.

The game is coming with two different worlds; each one has its own unique style and type of toys. You have to complete the first one by collecting 100 toys and collect two puzzles as well.

  • The puzzles are very rare in this game; we do advice you to pay great attention and not to give up excessively early.
  • The Clawberta hack could help with finding the puzzles if you are stuck at some point.



Find The Magic!

This game cannot stop impressing us with its interesting features. We have found a great feature that is called “Magic Word”. In order to enjoy free items and special toys, you have to guess the magic word and enter it in the shown box.

If you are facing any troubles to figure out the magical word, then you can get it from the game social media pages or use the Clawberta cheats as an alternative.

Now, let’s move towards the settings and explain to you how flexible the game is.

You are given a complete control over turning on/OFF the sound FX and music. We did not enjoy the music that much so we are recommending you as a player to turn it off.

Change the language to match your needs, the game is coming in 10 global languages and they all are well scripted.

Are you a hardcore gamer? Then turning on the notifications will keep you updated with the cool downs and timers in the game even without playing the game.

Change the filters according to the best color mixture that is comfortable to your eyes. It is rare to find such an interesting feature in the games nowadays.

Final Verdict

If you are enjoying the game, then do not hesitate to give it a cool rating. We are also advising our readers to check the social media pages related to the games they are playing. As they will be posting the news and upcoming updates, so you would keep up with the pace.

You can check your progression stage by entering the collection menu located on the bottom right corner. This will keep you updated with your progression and to know exactly how close you are from achieving your goals.

The Clawberta hack should fill up them shelves with toys in no time. In addition, remember that the Clawberta hack will boost up your playing skill level; it will only save you time and grant you access to the special features in the game and items.

You will be starting the game with one slot only for Gachapons and there will be two remaining locked slots. We are recommending you to unlock it right away with the Clawberta hack help.

Each extra slot will require from you to spend 20 gems, and it is hard to get gems my friend.

By reaching this point, we are sure that you are fully aware of the game principles and ready to take your chances. For any further inquiries, you may contact us on the E-mail shown below.

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