The rivalry between the best commanders in the world are rising and getting into its final shape. Right now, you must start preparing yourself to gather the arms from all over the world and lead them to the glorious victory!

Dominate your opponents by using the Command & Conquer Rivals cheats and having a complete access to the latest gears inside.

Command & Conquer Rivals was created and published by “ELECTRONIC ARTS” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS devices.

Gameplay Intro.

The first mission will take place between the lieutenant Strong-arm and Seth. Fire the nuclear missile to win the battle. This is going to become your focus in this upcoming challenge.

The battle will split the screen into two sides. You can see the health bar of each opponent shown on the top of the icon. This will determine how far you can go and how many hit points are left for each one.

You need to take control of the nuclear missile and defend long enough for it to be launched. With the help of our Command & Conquer Rivals hack, we are pretty much that such a task will become nothing compared to the real time challenges.

To control the missile, we will need to build some troops. Build a squad of Riflemen as a beginning. Later on, we will be able to create much stronger squads.

Get Your Plan Up!

Your troops will not act on their own; you are the commander here so you have to give them the orders to act. Tap on the group of soldiers you want to control and afterwards, you will be able to find a list of commands available to be given to them.

Tap to move your riflemen onto the missile platform to control the missile. Controlling the platform will fill the missile bar. Once full, the missile will launch and destroy your enemy.

You should be expecting your enemies to gather arms to take the control of the nuclear missile from you as no one can handle the damage that a nuke can do!

Have the right powers to defend the nuke with the help of Command & Conquer Rivals hack. That is a guaranteed success if you ask me.



Play Smart, Not Strong.

Remember that when the missile changes control, it does not reset the missile bar entirely. Take it back at the last second to steal it if you can. We are talking here about being not only strong but also smart enough to know how to use your powers in the right direction.

Our Command & Conquer Rivals cheats not only about providing you with the necessary resources, but also the right ideas to overcome your opponents.

Shortcut to Victory.

Do not hesitate to spawn more soldiers if the chance is available.  It will not do any harm to you as long as you are using them in the right way and not simply wasting them.

The opponent will keep attacking you without any mercy, so that is something you have to put into your consideration.

Always check on Command & Conquer Rivals cheats to find the smartest routes to achieve the victory.

Great Rewards Are Waiting For You Ahead.

Receive great bounties after completing each mission. In addition, remember that you have to finish the training phase to access the Convoys.

Feel free to customize your own army. The game is giving you the complete freedom to adjust the units in your army. Do not hesitate to add new units to your army once you unlock them.

If you are worried about the cost of adding new units to the army, then the Command & Conquer Rivals hack should be handling the situation from this point.

Following our set of Command & Conquer Rivals tips would save you a lot of time, as we will direct you to the optimal army customization set without having to test out strategies.

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