Cookie Jam Blast is your standard baffle diversion as found in today’s market. The diversion has treats and numerous more sweet things as its topic. Venture to every part of the diverse parts of the world and finish more than 200 levels and win them all. Gather those sweet treats and continue with the amusement. This diversion may not be as trying as you appear to be but rather you can in any case utilize our Cookie Jam Blast hacks, tricks, tips and guide.

Interface with Facebook

Treat Jam Blast can be utilized to interface with Facebook. What utilize does it have you inquire? The appropriate response is basic, Facebook posts any accomplishment or advance you made. This could be something like finishing level 1 et cetera. The good thing is that while you can interface your amusement to Facebook, you can in any case kill this element. The principle advantage is that you get some pleasant prizes and vitality to enable you to continue playing the amusement.

Do the goal dependably

In each level, you are required to finish a particular undertaking. Gives say access one level you have to take 14 waffles and in the following level that would be 20 waffles and 25 cupcakes. It sounds basic yet you have a set number of moves to do as such. Inability to clear those targets implies the level will fall flat. Try not to stress as you can attempt again later. Simply stick to doing the target generally so you don’t come up short on moves later on.



Expect more destinations

In the later levels, you might be upbeat when you see targets, for example, 12 waffles and less. The thing is that occasionally these levels have more than one goal. Lets say you at first simply entire 12 waffles however it then tosses more waffles for you to proceed with which is fine on the off chance that you have more moves to save.

Perhaps go for the three stars

When you finish levels you have a shot of getting a star rating relying upon how well you did at any rate. Backpedaling to what we expressed before, you can finish levels once the goal is met. However when despite everything you have moves to extra, attempt to go for having the 3 star rating. This implies before you end the diversion you have a shot of getting 3 stars which implies you can have more focuses and rewards.

Those uncommon tiles

Like most baffle diversions, you can open extraordinary tiles in Cookie Jam Blast. This means in the event that you interface tiles in an alternate form, you can open them. These tiles would be unique ones like a X breaker or a Line breaker and also others. Unique tiles essentially help you get out more tiles and help you comprehend your targets speedier. In the event that you would prefer not to utilize the uncommon tiles immediately then there’s no compelling reason to. Regardless of the possibility that you finish the levels with exceptional tiles still around, you can even now acquire focuses from them.

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