This is an advanced version of the famous Cookie Jam game, but this time there will be some new amazing features and improved gameplay in almost every aspect so far.

With our Cookie Jam Blast cheats, you will be learning how to improve and progress throughout the game, as this will be also providing several ways to be able to purchase whatever you want, without having to worry anymore about the cost. These types of games are mainly focused on purchasing boosters and power ups to reach higher stages and that is what the service will get to offer for you.

Cookie Jam Blast was created and published originally by “Jam City, Inc.” Company and it is available for users to download and play freely almost on any Android or IOS platform.

A simple game that is very simple and requires nothing special to get it started, but of course you must have a device that is running android version 4.0 smoothly. We are in 2017, so we are speaking here about the latest nougat version which is considered to be 7.0 and that shows you how the requirements are low to run the game for most of android devices.

Quick Intro.

Before we jump directly into the gameplay and give out all the necessary technique. We have to remind you to collect the 25 coins’ reward once you connect your Facebook account to the game. This might sound a little bit confusing for the beginners as they are not planning to share any of their personal information or let their wall spammed with the annoying messages from such games.

Cookie Jam Blast is totally different when it comes to the privacy terms. It will never be posting anything on your behalf and you will be taking full control over the connection between the game and your account at the same time.

Feel free to break the bond of your Facebook account whenever you want, but keep in mind it will be easing up the friend invitation system and also will enable the friend’s leaderboard, so you can compete now with your friends and see who has the better stats.

Getting the Cookie Jam Blast cheats into service will secure you a position on the top leading board and you can have the complete right to brag about your progress among with your friends.



Beginner’ Gameplay Techniques.

If you are familiar with such matching games, then you will not find much difficult time to adapt to Cookie Jam Blast. And for the beginners we will start right from the scratch a step by step to show them how to place a foot into this challenge.

  • Swipe pieces to create matches with 3 or more of the same color. There are about 5 different colors approximately but you will not get confused if you have a decent percentage of brightness.
  • Each set of items collected up together, will result in an increase of your total score and get you closer from completing your mission.
  • Try to be quick as possible in the time race challenges, you need to use the minimum amount of moves to score the highest points possible.

If you have read our previous Cookie Jam Blast tips section, then we can guarantee you an ease success as a starter, but if you were having bigger plans to go forward and achieve some higher points, then keep on scrolling down and get the Cookie Jam Blast cheats active to see some new amazing records.

Your Bible for Ultimate Powers.

Now, as you have reached this point so far. We assume that you are thirsty for more power and having much bigger and stronger. You need to step up your game and match more than three items together at once, this might sound weird at the start or hard task. But it is a must do to acquire boosters or call them power ups, whatever makes you comfortable.

Once you manage to get the line breaker then you have to find a way around to get it matched up with other items in the same color to get activated. Always put your main focus on bigger rewards, because the game is following the three stars rating system.

The three stars rating system works by following certain stages of the game so do not skip the Cookie Jam Blast guide, each progressing point you reach, this means a new star will get unlocked. So you have to get closer a step by step and put your main focus on getting this done until you reach the full three stars and get the biggest reward possible out of the mission.

Of course, the rewards are nothing when it is compared with Cookie Jam Blast cheats power. But it still considerable effort and it is part of the game, so do not kill it out!



Read This If You Ever Got Stuck at Any Part of the Game.

There is another use of Cookie Jam Blast hack beside getting boosters at the start of the game or unlocking new features. This is called the hints mode. A very hard to find thing in the game Is the hints, you have to always use them carefully if you are playing the game totally independent.

Once you are stuck and cannot think of any way out of the situation and cannot find the right items to match together, then activating the hinting feature will save you the time and effort. But once you run out of them, then this going to be an issue.

Putting your hands on the Cookie Jam Blast hack is going to sort out the lack of hints problem for you. So we are expecting you to reach some new levels no one has ever reached before. And let’s not forget that it is totally for free and you do not have to spend a single buck.

On the next segment, we will move deeper into the different available modes in the game and also give you a quick look over the customizable features of the game to make the game fully perfectly functional on your device, without jumping into complications.

Interesting Power-up System Waiting for You Inside!

Starting with the different types of power ups available in the game and to learn how to reach them with the minimum amount of moves.

Match-L: man an L match to create the ice cream bomb, this bomb will genuinely destroy a block of 4×4 items surrounding it, and it could get bigger and stronger depending on the stage. And since you are a user of Cookie Jam Blast hack, then you might put your concern over some advanced power-ups.

Match-T: if you have found a way to get the items matched up together in the same color through a T shape, then this will get you an x-Breaker! That is simply one of the strongest power ups as it could destroy an entire screen and get you start fresh from the start with the points added to your score board.

Match-5: this is a very basic power up but do not underestimate it at any cost. It will get you the rainbow cube, simply will demolish a huge set of items.

Final conclusion, the Cookie Jam Blast hack is your ideal solution for any hard mission and also to secure a big win in a very short period.

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