Cooking Fever was created and published by “Nordcurrent” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Cooking Fever is offering you a great opportunity to experience cooking more than 1300 dishes using 350 ingredients. You can unlock all of these dishes in no time with Cooking Fever Hack help.

Cooking Fever Cheats – kostenlos Juwelen und Münzen Hack

The idea of creating your restaurant right from scratch and starting to grow it up by taking care of the smallest details. We are speaking here about activating Cooking Fever hack to receive gems to complete all the interior delivers instantly!

You can learn more about gameplay down below…

Get Started

Hello and welcome to cooking fever! Meet Michelle as she will be helping you here. Your goal is to try yourself in various cuisines and become the best chef in town. You can read our detailed Cooking Fever review to understand how the gameplay exactly works.

We are creating a beginner guide for you and you can start your journey by creating a very simple dinner and this could be done by following the steps shown below:

  • Fast food court screen will show you the basic information on your dinner
  • Make sure you are quick enough to serve your customers quickly and reduce waiting time
  • Activating Cooking Fever Hack will boost up your performance by miles
  • Tap on hamburger bun
  • Tap on the meat to place it on stove
  • The meat is cooking, wait until it is fully cooked
  • Dra and place it on the bun
  • Your dish is now ready, drag and drop it on customer

Note: Do not forget to collect your money as this is your main goal for each mission after all

You have to pay great attention to the customer needs. Some customers will order different meals.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Using Cooking Fever Hack!

If your customer is requesting two orders, then you have to think smart. Whenever you complete an order, you have to serve it as fast as possible to increase his patience and create room for the second meal.

Completing achievements will happen frequently without even paying a great attention to it. It is recommended to check on achievements list to claim your rewards.

Achievements will reward you with coins and experience points. When you serve customers, you earn coins. Let’s see what you can get for them. Tap here to continue to the kitchen upgrades.

Here are the most important tips to enhance your kitchen service:

  • Kitchen upgrades will make your kitchen much easier and your game enjoyable.
  • Use the money you have earned to upgrade any appliance or ingredient.
  • Upgraded equipment works better
  • Ingredients make up better meals which earns you more money.
  • You can get money from Cooking Fever Cheats or follow our instructions mentioned down below

First item we got here to upgrade is the Cola Dispenser

  • If you upgrade this machine, the time for the full cola refill will be reduced from 13 to 7 seconds.

Second item is Burger Fry pan

  • If you upgrade it, the time to produce a fried burger will get reduced from 10 to 9 seconds and portion will be doubled.

Third item we got here is COLA

  • If you upgrade the cola it will only increase the price from 5 gold coins to 6 gold coins



How Does The Rewarding System Work?

Rewarding system is working in a very intelligent way. You have to understand exactly the affecting factors to increase your reward after each mission.

Here are the most important factors that will affect your gameplay:

  • Quality of food
  • You have to prepare the food quickly to reduce customers waiting time
  • Increase the menu
  • Activate Cooking Fever Cheats
  • Do not leave food on fire as it will cost you money to dispose it
  • Keep the quality at highest point to receive tips

If you managed to follow the previous steps, we will assure you a successful journey and a flood of coins into your account.

Always check up frequently on Tasks list to track down your goals and claim rewards for the completed tasks. We have enjoyed the idea of having a task list to keep you working according to a plan.

You can always upgrade your interior here. Customers are more likely to come to a cozy and well-arranged restaurant. They also tend to be much more generous and patient. Just tap on any item for more information…

  • You can add a TV to entertain your customers whilst they are waiting for their food.
  • You have to wait for the item to be delivered.
  • Speed things up by spending the rewarded gems

Instant Delivery Via Cooking Fever Cheats Help!

Your added entertainment items in lobby can be upgraded to enhance the life for all you customers. Tap on the explanation mark next to any interior item to track down your progression.

There are four main factors to be affected with these upgrades and changes:

  • Increase number of clients
  • Increase customer’s waiting time
  • Increase received amount of tips
  • Give you a bigger chance to receive a tip

Every time you server a customer or upgrade something, you will get experience points. You gain a new experience level and get more rewards.

Increasing up your experience level and advancing higher will not only grant you decent rewards, it will also allow you to get more diamonds and extra features to be unlocked.

There is no shame in using Cooking Fever Hack to apply every single upgrade to your restaurant and keep it at its finest shape.

  • Moving next to the options menu: it doesn’t offer a lot of customizations, but it will only allow you to increase/decrease music and sound levels. An instant access to the support team for any problems.

The most fascinating feature is the reset. This feature will erase your current progress on all devices. You will permanently lose all your coins, gems, XP, upgrades, locations and other things. In order to be sure that this is your conscious decision, please solve the equation shown below!

Final Verdict

Main menu has its own unique view, as it will show you a complete look over the city and how you should have a smart plan to conquer up the entire city.

A free 5000 coins are waiting for you to claim it up by downloading bake a cake game. You have to install it and run it to get this reward on your device.

Tap over every building surrounding your restaurant to know exactly the requirements to get it unlocked. Of course, you can get all your needs from Cooking Fever Hack but still it would be cool to work your way right from bottom.

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