Cosmo Race is a 2D dashing amusement.

You’re not hustling with autos or vehicles but rather you’re controlling characters that are really running. It is a 2D diversion so essentially you’re dashing your characters around the track yet in a vertical way.

Much the same as any dashing diversion, make certain to land third place or even better hit the primary spot. Race around with different players with the assistance of our Cosmo Race hacks, tricks, tips and guide.

A decent head begin

In Cosmo Race, you need a decent begin since every one of you will begin at a similar purpose of the track. The best approach to do is to tap at the correct minute when the screen says go. It can be difficult to pull off at first yet with a tad bit of practice you can have a decent head begin and you can be in front of your rivals.

Tap at the perfect time

The tracks obviously are in a substantial zone where you have to perform taps on the screen to make your character bounce. Hopping may sound basic however the planning here is the key since you have to time it right generally your character will confront the wrong way.

The other thing is that you need to play out different taps to do numerous hops and that can be somewhat hard in a manner of speaking. Try not to stress however as you simply require some practice to make the most of those taps and land flawlessly.



Utilize your catalysts or not

At whatever point you achieve the checkpoint you are surrendered a power. Catalysts go from hostile ones to things that can help you protect. More often than not you might need to utilize your catalyst in case you’re behind.

That way you can thump down rivals in the front and assume a higher position. This is likewise great when you’re in the number one spot to lay those catalysts to back off those behind you. Presently on the off chance that you have a decent lead, there’s no requirement for you to utilize your catalyst immediately particularly on the off chance that you like that catalyst like an ice bomb or rockets.

That is on the grounds that you will get another one after you utilize it unless you get a similar one. Consider it sparing it for later yet a few players utilize their catalysts paying little mind to their position with the goal that they can get another one once achieving the check point.

Remember race tracks

There are a huge amount of race tracks that you can contend in Cosmo Race. There are those that have impediments and those that have those dubious divider hops. Simply remember the way for these race tracks.

That way you can expect where to go next and what to do. You will in any case be depending on aptitude since players possibly overwhelming you yet having information with regards to the tracks is perfect also to get some sort of lead.

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