Bored of your room? What about building a city in it by the newest game my country by game insight, the game is available for both android and IOS, beside the game is using augmented reality, there’s a cute option that you can wave to the characters in the game and they will wave back to you and interact with your actions, and you can also customize your city and share your design with friends and travel around the world through it, seems interesting isn’t it? Let’s talk more about my country tips and how we can use my country hack to add more fun to the game play.

New Technology for More Fun.

My country comes with the augmented reality technology so you will see the city as you are photographing it on your phone, and see all of its dimensions like you are inside it, and you will see all of its details, with good design and detailed characters will make you look for making your country the best one ever, you can use my country cheats to get money and keys that will help you purchase items for your country.

Good Design.

The design is not realistic but yet the characters and game designs are relative to each other and the details of the characters are very good, also the movement of objects is realistic and not a fancy movement that make you think that it moves, the design of planes, trains, stations, cars and buildings are well maid and could be edited by your style, also the design of the buttons was very cool that you will like them.



Easy Controls for More Fun.

The controls and commands of the game are simple; all you have to do is customizing your city so it be an economic city and find hidden items for the citizens and explore new arenas in it and complete funny missions that will bring joy to the game play, and through that you will have to tab at the buildings to either collect cash or serve citizens, at all it’s your city and you are able to change it into great place with just some tabs, and if you want to make it great in no time you can use my country cheats that will give you all what you want in no time and with easy commands by your fingertip.

Have Fun and Celebrate.

Through playing the game you will have to complete funny objectives, and explore many nice places in the city like the train station, the marina, airport and more places, you can also celebrate with your citizens after completing an objective and make a huge celebration party with music bands and funny lights and more stuff, through this options the game will make you have happy times while playing it, you can zoom in and out in a cool way and you will see everything detailed and not pixled or something.

The tourists will come to you after starting building and cleaning your city, so you have to take care of them and their needs to make them pay more to you so you can advance in the game faster.

My Country Hack:

If you are enjoying the game but don’t like waiting to get money or keys to advance through your city, you can just use my country hack tool and get all what you want from money and keys, also it will allow you to advance through the game quickly and buy all the rare items and get all the packages for free and without any external purchases, the hack is completely safe and free and won’t affect your device performance.

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