Cowboy was created and published by “Lion Studios” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

If you ever dreamt of being a cowboy and throw your lasso to catch as many animals as possible in a very interesting world, then this game would be the perfect choice. It will offer you the life of a cowboy adding tons of challenges and smart features.

You will need the Cowboy cheats by your side to remove the ads and add the desired amount of cash to your game balance.

Get Started

As the game begins, you will realize that everything will start right away, with a single tap on the screen. It will leave you, without any tutorials and you can learn by mistakes.

Reading our Cowboy review, will help you to understand the most important parts of the gameplay as a beginner, and if you were an advanced player, then you can read the advanced tips down below.

This game does not require an internet connection from you to operate, it can work offline and all the features will be supported, except few ones. We have found this as a great feature of the game, and that is something we are all looking forward to achieve.

Upgrade Your Game With Cowboy Cheats!

The cash is a vital thing in this game, as it will affect the main three factors of your game. The lasso size, length, and offline earnings.

  • Lasso Size: it will allow you to catch bigger preys easily and the number will increase as well.
  • Length: it determines how far your lasso can go.

Offline earnings: it is the investment you are doing into the game and how much you will be getting even without playing the game.

Those were the main factors, and they can be upgraded instantly using the Cowboy cheats to get the right amount of cash.


Catch Animals To Earn Medals

Each animal will come with a target, as you have to catch a certain number of it in order to gain the medal.

The groups of medals are divided into three sections.

  • Cowboy World: it contains all the common animals
  • Outlaw world: it has very rare animals and tiny ones
  • Mythical: your chance to catch any of them is close to impossible

Remember that the Cowboy Hack will always boost up your performance, and increase your chances of collecting the full set of medals.

How To Play?

Watching an Ad will double the rewards you have received from your catch. As the catch increases, your urge to watch an AD to get the double rewards will increase, that is why the Cowboy Hack will be considered as a savior.

Here are the main instructions you need to keep in mind in order to achieve the highest income for each through.

  • Be patient
  • Try to know exactly the location of the special animals
  • Catch the colored animals
  • Learn how to evade and dodge the unwanted animals
  • Use the Cowboy Hack to upgrade your lasso as possible

Customize The Worlds On Your Preference

There are only two worlds available to choose form.

  • Cowboy world
  • Outlaw world

The third world is not available at the moment, but it will be available soon in the next update.

It is recommended to always check on the wanted list to see the given tasks. For each completed task, there will be a reward waiting for you to claim it.

  • There will be chances to claim double, and treble. Depending on the situation. The shop will offer you ads removal and extra cash.

For each amount of animals being caught, there will be a decent reward waiting for you as you can exchange them for Dollars.

The settings menu does not contain that much, it can only enable you to switch the sound and vibration on or off.

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