You are going to explore a new outstanding world, but right there your main mission shall begin, which is searching and saving out your friendly and cute companions. Increase your skills and powers to do whatever you can in order to save them back, while you are on your rescue mission, do not forget to craft new items and upgrade the current ones as they will be helping you with the mission. Use our Craft Away! – Idle Mining Game hack, cheats, tips and guide to ensure that you are succeeding with the mission so far.

Craft Away! – Idle Mining Game was created and published by “Futureplay” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on the Android and IOS devices.


Dr. Jelly captured your companions, they will need your help now! But there are several missions that you have to go through in order to find your companions, and right here we will be trying our best to give you complete view over the gameplay.

Breaking through obstacles could be done by swiping in various directions, this will also be considered as a scavenging process for gold coins and taking down the obstacles which are preventing you from finding your companions.

If you take a look over the top bar at the screen, you will manage to find the progression bar, this is telling you exactly how close are you getting from completing the given quest entirely. Keep destroying obstacles one after one and increase your gold income as this will pave out a way to the companions of yours, maybe you should consider spending up the gold coins that you are collecting on upgrades. But we will be moving to the upgrades section later on here, as we progress further in the game.



Upgrade Your Hammer for Faster Progression.

As you are progressing and collecting gold, do not hesitate to spend the coins on upgrading the hammer. The stronger and better your hammer is the faster your progression is going to be.

Right now you will be moving from one point to another much faster than what you have experienced at the beginning.

Keep searching for your companion inside jelly boxes, as you will eventually meet them at the end of each stage. Destroying a jelly box is a little bit difference than the regular blocks, as you will have to swipe repeatedly over it until you meet a certain number of hits. Keep track of the counter and also make sure that you are faster than the given time frame to save the companion.

Start Spending the Rewards Wisely.

Rewards from hard missions or saving companions will be very big. Use the income at upgrading your hammer to deal double damage around you when you start using this special item, also upgrading the companion could be an option as well. So he would be helping you out with saving and searching for other friendly companions of yours.

There will be some special skills and items getting unlocked only once you reach certain level, so do not underestimate the power of experience points at the game.

The Powers of the Golden Hammer!

This golden hammer could be activated only if you have managed to collect enough amount of gold, and also you have to watch a short advertisement to get activated and ready to roll. This hammer will grant you two important features, first one is doubling out your damage for a certain period of time, and this period could be increased by spending diamonds to get it to the maximum level.

Second feature is the bar that will show you how long the hammer is going to be available, you have to always keep an eye over it and make the best out of it during this period of time.

Do not forget our Craft Away! – Idle Mining Game hack, cheats, tips and guide as it was created especially for such features in the game, use it and make sure that the golden hammer is lasting forever.



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