Craft Legend was created and published by “IGG.COM” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The game takes place in a very strange world, as you will be taken as a hostage and you must find your way out to save the remaining innocent friends.

The entire world was created to serve your goal, so you must take advantage of each resource and craft useful items for the cause. Adding the Craft Legend cheats to your journey will provide you with Diamonds and coins to craft items at much faster rate and purchase the right resources.

Get Started

There will be a very decent introduction video of a guy throwing away a chicken, moving right into the creation circle. From this point, you will be able to pick a gender for your character and a name. Make sure that your name is simple and short as possible to be easily recognizable.

As soon as you create the character, there will be a cinematic video of a monster chasing your character down and holding it as a hostage. That is when the first part of the game will begin…you must find a way to save Guerrier from the cage and follow the instructions of the new friend Venna.

  • Reading our Craft Legend review will introduce you to the various features of the game, including the storyline details.

Your main goal at the moment is to escape the prison and find a way out. During your way out, there will be several challenges and obstacles to stop you. Using the Craft Legend cheats should be a smart addition to the escaping journey.

On the next segment, we will cover the UI and controls for the beginners, if you are considering yourself as an advanced player, then skip it…

Smart & Friendly UI

The UI is very simple and they have managed to make it user-friendly as much as possible, that is what we have noticed from the first few minutes of playtime.

Moving around will not require much of effort from you, as you are only allowed to move from right to left using the joystick on the bottom left corner.

Moving a little bit higher on the left corner, you can notice three bars.

  • Health points bar
  • Mana points bar
  • DP points meter

Those are the main indicators for your character, including the level you are standing in mixed with the coordinates.

On the bottom right corner, you can find the attack button. Attack the guards only if you were in a real danger or if the guard was about to inform and alert the other guards about your presence.

  • The guards will never be killed, they will only lose the conscious and they will wake up again after a certain period of time.

You will be granted some tools, and those tools will be used to craft bridges and items in general which will help you in the escaping journey. We do believe that Craft Legend Hack will add some extra value to the tools being used to escape this prison.

How To Play?

You can always skip the starting tutorial by tapping on the skip button on the top side of the screen, but if you are willing to learn more about the basics, then completing it would be a smart idea.

Once you are stuck and can’t pass the water, then you must find a foothold. This could be done by using the axe to gather wood and drop it right on the highlighted spot. You can always use help of Craft Legend Hack at any point of the game.

Jump around from one cliff to another using the jumping button on the bottom right side of the screen. Do not forget to follow the highlighted pass on the ground at the beginning, but remember how the game works. The highlighted path will disappear as soon as you complete the tutorial.

  • Remember that casting spells will cost you mana points, once you run out of mana points you will not be able to cast any more spells or craft new items for a while.
  • Mana points will regenerate over the time. You can recharge it instantly with help of Craft Legend Hack.

Skip The Crafting Periods With Craft Legend Cheats!

Tap on the craft icon on the top side and you will be surprised with the detailed menu. It will contain all the necessary items and it will be categorized in a very decent order.

As you advance in the levels, there will be more items getting unlocked. Adding the Craft Legend cheats to cover the required materials for crafting new items would be a smart move.

Crafting items will usually take a certain amount of time to get it completed. If you want to boost up the waiting periods and skip it, then the Craft Legend cheats will simply supply your balance with diamonds and speed up the process.

As you advance up in levels, you will get the chance to unlock the full three slots of crafting. Which means, you can craft three items at the same time and save yourself the time and effort.

  • If time is a valuable thing for you, then the waiting periods can be eliminated entirely with Craft Legend cheats!

The newly crafted items will be added to your action bar on the bottom side of screen. For example, you must create a torch to move away the bats in dark places and to Enlighted up the entire area.

How To Get Promoted To A Higher Tier?

They have added the achievements section to keep the players attracted and motivated. Completing achievements will result in rewarding you with decent items. Always check up on the achievements list and keep yourself reminded with the future goals.

The settings menu will contain all the necessary features. We are speaking here about the ability to turn on/off the game sounds and music. Changing the game language by choosing from 6 different global languages.

Linking your social media accounts with the game will result in keeping all your progression files stored in a safe remote place. We meant by remote place, that you will be granted the access to retrieve the progression on any other device.

  • You will not lose any of the diamonds you have received from Craft Legend Hack by linking or sharing the game through your social media accounts.

The main tasks will be highlighted on the right in a transparent box. And the first task for you will be chopping down a tree. Moving now to the tiers system, each set of tasks will be highlighted in a tier and by completing a single tier, your character will be promoted to the next one.

Craft Legend Hack could help you with advancing up to the highest tiers possible in no time, we do believe that as you will save the crafting time and purchase the necessary gears.

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