CrimsonHeart2 was created and published by “Anbsoft” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

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Get Started

You will learn in this CrimsonHeart2 review the basic controls and enjoy a hidden story, and there is a small reward upon completion.

A world in which humans and demons coexist. The world existed in balance under the absolute entities, the dragons. However, as light and shadow cannot coexist, the balance was fragile… eventually the balance was broken by the demons.

The war began with the demos’ invasion. It lasted for several years, and every continent was swept up in the flames of chaos.

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Judgement Day!

The fight against the demons was getting so intense; it was not difficulty to overpower the demons who had no warlike intentions. However, a magical from the enemy side opened a dimension gate to summon evil creatures, changing the tide of the war.

You will be playing as Reinhardt. Recently, he was appointed as the commander of royal knights of Roth Empire and ordered to go into battle on Judgment day.

You have already lost too many of your precious soldiers and you can no longer push them into facing death once again!

You must use the CrimsonHeart2 hack to turn this tide into your favor and eliminate the demons from the scene. We will now inform you with the main battle techniques you have to follow in order to keep up with the pace of the combat.



How To Play?

There are two types to choose from when it comes to the controlling.

  • Touch Mode

Move by touching the screen. Touch other characters to talk or attack. Tap twice to dash towards the selected destination.

  • Virtual Key Mode

Bring up a virtual keypad on screen and use it to control your character. It allows 360-degree movement, and you can dash using the dash button.

The controlling method can be changed at any time from the settings menu. Moving now on the next segment to the UI and an explanation to every icon on the screen.

Friendly UI

There are several icons on the screen but they are explaining itself.

On the top left corner, you may access the caramel shop to purchase goods. You can cover the expenses easily via CrimsonHeart2 hack.

In addition, you can see the character’s HP, SP and experience. Press for main character or switch to the sub character if desired.

  • The map is shown in the mini mode; tapping over it will take you directly to the big world map.
  • On the bottom right corner, you can see a shortcut for the skills and potions, changing the current set of potions or skills will be done through the settings.

Moving a little bit to the top, you may save the game at a point to avoid data loss if you die or close the game, and an access button to the main menu.

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One of the main techniques in the battle we have her eyes the combo buff. The circle gauge accumulates when you continuously attack enemies. There are various buff effects if you if the gauge.

Filling the combo gauge will activate a combo buff. That is a very important thing will be used later against big group of enemies or against a boss!

You may run out of potions at some critical points of battles that is when you will run to the shop with CrimsonHeart2 cheats to purchase extra potions to keep you going forward.

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