Critter Clash was created and published by “Lumi Studios” company and it is available to be download and played on Android and IOS platforms.

If you were a fan of the famous Angry birds game but you have never gotten the chance to challenge your friends and show them how good you are at this game, then your chance has come knocking at your door!

This game will offer you the same mechanism of angry birds but in different manners. You can create your own team, upgrade them and even implement new features to it.

Challenge your friends online and go in a unique one vs one challenge. Save your time unlocking chests and obtaining new heroes with the ultimate Critter Clash cheats!

Welcome To The World Of Critter Clash!

Before we get any deeper with our Critter Clash review, we would love to remind our readers to make sure that they have a solid internet connection, as the game will not start in the offline mode.

Choose one of the available login options; you cannot go wrong with either of them. Linking up your social media account with the game will grant you several features.

  • Easy access to your friends list
  • Sending invitations is one click away
  • Track down the leaderboards list
  • Save all your progression
  • Retrieve your game files on any device
  • Keeping the benefits from Critter Clash cheats

We will begin with a very simple tutorial that has all what it needs for any beginner to learn the basics of the game and get on the track.

Pull the monkey’s arm and let it go, throw the stone to shoot down the squirrel. That is how you can perform your first successful move in the game. You can find a highlighted white path to show you exactly the destination of the stone.



Get Started With Them Unique Features

Completing levels in this game is very interesting, as the missioning system will keep on adding new features level by level.

You will keep getting surprised even after spending few hours playing the game. You can receive great rewards for completing missions; of course, it is not comparable with what you can get from Critter Clash hack, but still good…

  • The game has several playable modes, but they will be unlocked only by completing certain number of levels.
  • The online feature is there, and it will get unlocked very fast as soon as you complete the second mission. Therefore, the Critter Clash hack will be there for you to put you on the online challenge.

Sometimes when you are playing, you might want to think of something out of the box, your goal is to take down the squirrels with the lowest amount of resources, so why do not you break the stick at the top and knock down all the enemies with one shot!

Your team is packed with very talented characters, for example: you can always use the cat to cut the robe on the top. One cat is not enough; you might want to repeat the task.

  • Remember that the weak spots will start flashing while aiming, fire at them and show no mercy!

Gameplay In Depth

If you feel like you are not a beginner, or you are already familiar with the gameplay, then you can tap on the bottom icon and skip the starting tutorial, otherwise we would recommend you to use the Critter Clash cheats and finish the tutorial.

Once the tutorial is completed, the time will come to create your character, and by creating your character, we mean picking up a name and a gender. You can always use the randomizer feature to pick up a name for you if you cannot think of one.

  • This is not angry birds’ type of games; you are being attacked as well from your opponent that is why you have to be efficient and fast.

The decision making time of the players will indicate many things when it comes to the playground. Therefore, you have to be accurate at this part. You will be given only 10 seconds to execute your attack. Keep that in mind that the animals positioned higher have more HP, so they can withstand extra damage.

Enter the practice section to be matched against real opponents from different parts of the world. The matchmaking could take up to a minute, but that is depending on the game mode.

  • The regular mode will get you a match in 5 seconds maximum, as there are excessively many players are being matched at the same level. As you move higher the ladder, it will be difficult to find a match.
  • You can see the expected time, and the waiting timer on the matching box.
  • The Critter Clash hack will give you the edge over any other player you could be facing.



Simplified UI

You will be always placed on the left side of the screen and the opponent on the right. An icon with the picture you have picked or it will automatically implement the Facebook picture without your permission.

The level of each player will be written as well under his name. You can see the internet connection status “ping” shown on the middle of the screen. The lower this number is the better the gameplay experience will be.

Winning battles will not reward you with experience points only; it will also grant you special chests. Treasure chests take time to open, but you might find new animals for your team inside. Unlock it instantly using the diamonds you have gotten from Critter Clash hack.

You may open the first chest right away free at the first time, but that will not be a solution, that is why the Critter Clash hack is very important.

Enter the team section to customize your own team members, pick the ones you think they deserve to be on the battleground and exclude the useless ones.

You can always share the results you have received on the social media and your favorite applications with a single touch.

Improve Your Team Qualities Right Away With Critter Clash Cheats!

If you are not planning to get diamonds from the Critter Clash cheats and willing to wait for the chests to get unlocked and you want to add new animals to your team at the same time, then enter the shop.

  • You do not have to wait to open a treasure chest. You can use firestones to buy animals straight away.
  • The firestones will be rewarded from winning battles and you can obtain them via Critter Clash cheats.

Remember that the lower animals deal more damage, so use animals in lower position as your best damage dealers. In addition, by mentioning that we have gotten very rare animals whom is specialized in dealing massive damage to the enemies.

  • You can tap on your icon to send quick chat templates; those could make the challenge more intense as you communicate with your opponent after each play.

The game is more focused on the quick decision making system. If you have a clear plan and got all your animals upgraded with the help of Critter Clash hack, then your chances of winning any battle would be easily be doubled.

So, let’s use the four spare monkeys you have to upgrade the one you are starting with. The upgrade focuses mainly on health points, strength, and health points.

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