This is just a brand new version of the same old amazing game “Crossy Road” and “Clicker Heroes” games, but it is a very modified one and it matches the awesomeness level of the same old games. Enjoy the amazing experience of dodging fast cars coming from everywhere right towards you and you will be playing with a tiny little chicken. In this game is all about the rage and furious. Destroy them cars and collect as many coins as you can and if the coins are being your biggest concern then follow our Crossy Road Rage tips. It is totally safe and secure as it will cost you nothing at all. All you have to do is to click on the link that is located below and enjoy tons of coins into your deposit.

Crossy Road Rage was created and published by “PlaySaurus” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on almost any Android or IOS device. It is recommended to have an internet connection whilst playing the game to enjoy the full features inside.

One Finger Is Everything Required for The Movement.

Game starts at the first scene, tap on the screen at anywhere to start moving. Attack cars to get your revenge. Tap repeatedly on the screen to destroy the cars blocking your way forward. Some cars might be strong and would take few hits from you to get them destroyed, so do not give up quickly and keep hitting the cars to reach your goal. Reading our main Crossy Road Rage guide that was written by experts at our website. And also if you were looking for advanced instructions that would keep you progressing at higher levels. Then this guide shall be your perfect choice.

Destroying the cars is not the end of the game, actually there are tons of challenges coming up next on the upcoming parts of the game. The fact is that you will be upgrading the chicken and increasing its powers. The main affecting part of the game is the damage of your chicken. That is when the Crossy Road Rage hack would come up to the light.

It will increase your stock of coins’ miracle, and you do not have to pay a single penny through the game shop. Which means everything is coming right at your door for free. Snatch this opportunity while it is available, and as we have mentioned earlier. It is coming for free.



Upgrade The Chicken to Improve Its Capabilities.

In the upgrading section, you will find several upgradeable attributes. Starting with the platinum beak. Purchase to unlock next level +5 damage points. But the damage will increase as you get it on higher levels. Also the Eagle Talon upgrade will get you much advanced damage, we are speaking about +62 damage points at the first level, but it is going to cost you much more.

At certain levels of the upgrades, there will be a special attribute getting unlocked. For example: the damage at the first upgrade will be doubled by reaching level 10. Maybe that is something you would looking up to. Use Crossy Road Rage hack to jump over the costing issue. One more time, the coins are ruling the game right from the bottom.

If you are wishing to pause the game for any reason, then the clock that is located on the top left corner will simply allow you to pause it, with a single tap. But honestly, we do not believe that you will be in need to pause the game as the coins from Crossy Road Rage cheats would allow to get whatever you want.

Simple & Elegant Design.

The game is following the simplicity system. Which means you will be finding everything at the expected position. So let’s start the detailed preview. On the top left corner, you will find the Clock followed by the number of the TPS that you have made. And of course the settings button in a gear icon, which is the regular form in every game.

Moving a little bit to the right, as you will find the world numbering, also the level, you are currently playing in. each world will contain 10 different levels, and as you progress forward, the difficulty will increase accordingly. With Crossy Road Rage cheats, you will be reaching the maximum stage in almost no time, and that is a great achievement. Last thing on this list is the cars left to be destroyed, with a countdown counter. Destroying cars is the main factor of completing the level. So this shall become your main focus during the playtime.

Last but not least is the coin’s counter. It can be found on the top right corner. Destroy as many cars as possible to increase your coins and follow the power up path combined with Crossy Road Rage hack to see your balance of coins reaching levels that you could never dreamt of.



Tons of Surprises Waiting for You Ahead.

Quick swat the eagle for coins. This eagle will only come for one time. So the opportunity must be snatched. Tap very fast on the screen one the eagle passes by you on the higher level. One more thing that you may want to put into consideration is the Razor Feather. Purchase it to unlock next level for massive damage. Use Crossy Road Rage cheats to have enough funds to get it ready.

Also one more thing the Crossy Road Rage hack would cover for you all the upgrades you would wish for. But we must let you know the permanent damage bonus feature. It will double your current damage to 100x DMG. There are several levels to be reached in this section. We are speaking about 100% increment of the damage at the first level. It would reach 800% on the highest level and that is an insane amount of damage, that you will never manage to reach without Crossy Road Rage cheats, unless you have decided to use your own credit card and waste your money.

Final conclusion.

This is considered to be one of the greatest time killing games on the store. It is free and there is no need to spend much of money into it. There is no need to get an internet connection to get it started. You will be enjoying the full features inside with no exception at all.

The challenges are increasing as you move forward, so there will be always new interesting things coming up to you. Maybe it is the time to give it a chance and see what is inside. The graphics quality is very decent but it is low compared to other games, but that is not the main purpose of the game.

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