Crown Four Kingdoms was created and published via “X-Legend Entertainment CO., Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the IOS and Android platforms.

MMORPG that will take you through a brand new experience. They have managed to change all the prospects of the game and come out with a unique style of play.

The gameplay is based on the anime characters, so if you were an otako, then you will be enjoying this game to its maximum levels.

There are certain key features of the game, which we will be talking about later on here. but right now, remember to start using the Crown Four Kingdoms hack service, as it will be covering all your spending’s and no fees are included.

Quick Intro To Character Creation

The game is coming packed up with certain classes, they are actually four classes and each one has its own pros and cons. We are delighted to provide you with extra Crown Four Kingdoms tips to know which class would suit you the most.

  • Warrior: as the vanguard for battles, always attends battle first. A must be in the party to block the incoming attacks and provide covariance to the sharp shooters from behind. The defense of this class is very high.
  • Assassin: Moving with lightning fast attacks, assassins will slash the enemies before they are even noticed. They are very swift but they are low when it comes to the health points. You have to be careful, or use the Crown Four Kingdoms cheats to purchase a stronger gear.

How To Pick The Right Class?

We still have two main characters, and we are considering them as the main damage dealers. You will receive several requests to join parties in the game, but you must know your limits and keep the distance.

  • Ranger: Mastered in shooting, Rangers make targets unable to react with speed attacks. They are the bowers. Alternatively, we can call them the perfect sharp shooters.
  • Wizard: magician, with very low defense, but very high damage and not the damage is the only high thing. Actually, wizards can deal damage to wide areas of battles.

Right now, you can have the complete freedom to choose which hero would suit you the most. In addition, do not forget about the importance of Crown Four Kingdoms hack in boosting up your powers.



General Information

The customization freedom is one of the coolest features we have encountered so far in the game. We have loved the idea of modifying and playing around with the different hairstyles and sets.

Remember to pick up a decent name for your character, and make sure that it is unique enough to be recognized among the top players as soon as you start using Crown Four Kingdoms cheats.

Gameplay Overlook

The controls are placed on the regular spots. You can move around by dragging the movement joystick pad and on the right bottom corner, you can see the attacking skills slots.

Move around freely with the third person shooting angels. In addition, you can keep track of the world chat at the bottom of the screen.

Interact with the NPCs according to the marks shown over their heads. In addition, the Crown Four Kingdoms hack should be helping you with the purchase of new items from them stores free.

Main Key Features

Here are the main features of the game, that we have enjoyed the most.

  • The simplicity of the UI
  • The position of the controlling buttons
  • Inventory system and how it works.
  • Interaction with the world around you

Those were the main key features of the gameplay. Remember to have an active internet connection and a stable device. We cannot guarantee you a smooth gameplay experience on any of the low-end devices out there.

There are in-game purchases store, so the Crown Four Kingdoms cheats will simply play a free alternative role in this case.

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