Crystal Hearts World was created and published by “EVATAR CO., LTD” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This is the number one selling game from the creators, so you are about to witness some extra ordinary game. The Korean RPG style coming in the English language is a dream that has come true. Use the Crystal Hearts World cheats for the crystals, as they are the most valuable thing in the game so far. And scroll down to learn more about the game.

Get Started

At the beginning of our Crystal Hearts World review, we would love to notify our readers that we will speak mainly about the gameplay features and cover the most important points; the storyline will not take huge part here.

Enter a nickname for your character; ensure that it is simple to be easily recognized.

The game tends to let you know the main storyline in the style of comic books, it will also explain how to play in few pictures but if you are not interested in this quick tutorial, you can easily skip it.

Now, you are aware of the main starting points, on the next segment we will jump into the main features.


After the catastrophe caused by the crystal, the world managed to enter a new era of peace. However, sinister events have been detected all over the world, and even the death knights, the overseers of destruction in ancient times, has resurrected.

In crystal hearts, you can move, specific attacks, and use skills during battle with your heroes. Before waging battle, learn the basics here.

  • Movement: drag the fighter and drop on the preferred destination.
  • Attacking: it is the same as moving around. Drag your hero toward the enemy and that enemy will be selected as the target of your attack.

Increase your attacking powers by upgrading your heroes, which will require from you to get Crystal Hearts World hack.



How To Battle?

Each hero will come with his own set of attacking skills. It may not be clear enough for you to recognize the right skill at the starting points of the game, but you have to keep your head clear enough and read our description for the skills.

  • Once the skill is activated, it will move directly into the cool down, which means you are not allowed to activate it again for a period.

We are moving now to the healers phase. However, remember that the Crystal Hearts World hack is the best healers of all time…

  • The healers will do wonders on the battlefield, they are necessary have. They work just like the attacking system, you will only need to drag and drop on an ally to help him restoring his lost health points on the battlefield.

Automated System Is Available

As we have mentioned earlier, that each hero will come with own set of special skills, we will mention now one of the most effective skills.

Judgment of thunder: it deals damage to all enemies ahead and demolish them all. It has a chance to stun targets receiving damage. Tap an enemy to activate the skill.

  • You can play the game manually, but you can automate and change the speed of battle with the auto button and the high-speed button.

You can see the timer located on the top right corner to tell you how long you have taken. The Crystal Hearts World hack will reduce the time consumed on the battles.

Summon New Heroes Using Crystal Hearts World Cheats!

Winning battles will reward you with cool items. It will be mainly gold coins and some materials for further usage.

You need to summon new heroes to add them to your team. The best way to do it is by going through the questing path. However, the Crystal Hearts World cheats would do it for you and save you the time and effort in this regard.The shop has all what you need, but you must have the resources to get the best out of it.

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