Let’s build our new fantasy kingdom through the Japanese strategy game crystal of reunion by “gumi inc.” the game is defined as strategy game and available for both android and IOS devices and it contains very strategic game play with real time strategies and battles to be the king of your domain, and choose the hero you want to fight with and start to dominate the world and be the strongest one in the whole world, so let’s talk about crystal of reunion tips and how to use crystal of reunion hack and what you will get from it.

Fantasy Design.

The design of the game is very near to reality at the design of buildings, towers and terrains, but when we get to the characters and their looks and costumes you will see that they are coming from a fantasy world, especially their costumes, equipment and style, and this gives the game sweet additions to the game, the design of buttons and the screen gives you better ability to control the game better and reach all what you want in simple easy way, the effects of the game are very good as you will see the effects that happens in reality in the game, and all the design of the game is made by great Japanese designers.

Also when you get to the sound affects you will enjoy great experience with it, the speakers are very famous and the effects are great and gets you into the game events to give you great experience through it.

Your Kingdom, Your Rules.

Through the game you will have to build your kingdom from scratch, so you will start to construct buildings, train soldiers, and research for new items and equipment to make your city more developed, and start to use this equipment for your kingdom and make your kingdom invincible, also you will have to start your strategy for your kingdom, starting from the way to get resources to the defenses of your kingdom and how to expand its borders without effecting its security, you can use crystal reunion hack and get all what you need for your strategy for free, you will also be able to get hints for building in the first levels to increase your experience through the game and enrich your strategy skills and give you more knowledge about the game.

Battle Others.

As you start and your kingdom starts to grow you will have to go for battles to dominate other nations and get their resources, also as you start to develop other players will start to go in campaigns to dominate your kingdom, so you have to set your soldiers and prepare them for those hard battles and set your strategy for the attack on other kingdoms or set the defenses for defending your kingdom from other armies, as you get accurate intel through the game play that will help you to defeat other armies and ensure your victory, you can use crystal of reunion cheats and get all the power and intel needed to make your mighty army that will never be defeated.

Defeat Monsters for Rewards.

As you play you will fight multitude monsters that will be found through the huge world of the game, and as you play you will meet them, and as a reward for defeating them you will get materials to make powerful equipment for your hero and your kingdom, and you can upgrade your equipment with materials and customize them for additional boosts, you can use crystal of reunion hack and get all of the materials you need to make upgrades for your characters, and also unlock all of upgrades for free with no cost.



Strong Alliances.

As you play you can get into alliances with other players as you can make strong alliance and defeat other alliances and take their kingdoms, as you make your alliance stronger you will stand against stronger alliances and monsters, and for loots you will share them together, also the best thing in alliances that you will be able to aid each other by giving materials and items, also you will be able to get send troops to aid each other in defending their kingdoms, you can use crystal of reunion cheats and get the maximum amount of materials and items to help you through your quest and to aid your friends for free and with no external costs.

Chat and Connect.

Through the game chat you will be able to get to know other players and chat with them, and also combine your strategy with them to see which one is better, and through the alliance chat you will be able to prepare your attack together with the best strategy planning, the chat comes through different languages to make you chat with the language you know and to interact with others freely and easily, there’s also the mail chat that you can send through it messages to other players if you want aid from them.

Many Stories.

As you play the game there will be a story for every character through the game, and through this big world as you move through it, you will unveil new stories about heroes in the game, and as you progress you will explore the world through your hero’s unique story, and for this story you will get rewards and equipment for the character story, and off course you will use them for the upgrades or for trade with your alliance, there’s also another way to get those items, it’s with the crystal reunion cheats and with it you will get all of the items and equipment you want for any purpose in the game.



Participate in Events.

There’s many events to participate through the game, as assault on tower of wisdom, where the wishes are granted through the champion, also there’s descent of four heavenly dragons, and through it you will join forces to defeat those dragons and get equipment and items from their bodies to help you through your upgrades, and if you like to defeat monsters you can join the monster suppression event where you will fight mighty monsters and defeat them, and through the monster extermination you can help your alliance to rank up through this free monster slaying event, and for winning through this events you will need power, and if you don’t have it you can use crystal reunion cheats and get all the kinds of power you want to.

There’s also the daily events and through it you will play quick daily events and get many rewards for playing them, and to quickly finish this task you can use crystal reunion hack and get all the needed power to finish the game easily and quickly.

Strategy Hack.

As you play the game you will need high strategy skills to get all of the resources quickly and dominate other kingdoms with your kingdom, or you can just use crystal reunion hack and get all of the resources and items for free and with no external cost, also there will be more benefits like getting the equipment and costumes for the characters for free and with no cost.

Crystal reunion hack will bring to you the maximum amount of resources and coins, and will make all the upgrades available before their unlock time, also it will make you able to get all the packages for free and with no external purchases for it, and also it will disable ads so you will play the game for free and with no annoying ads, the hack is completely free and safe and won’t affect the device performance through the gameplay or after it.

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