Cyber Hunter was created and published by “NetEase Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

A competitive sandbox mobile game that will take you into a completely new level of challenge and introduce you to some cool features. We can give you a quick idea about the gameplay…

It is a mixture between Pubg and Fortnite, they have managed to pick the good from both worlds and bind them together in a game. Remember to keep the Cyber Hunter cheats by your side to enjoy the in-app store goods for free.

Get Started

In our Cyber Hunter review, we will talk mainly about the main features of the game; there will be also certain sections to help our new players to play the game in the right way. That is not a very easy task if you ask me, but you can master the game out in few hours.

The game requires from you to have an active and stable internet connection to start it. If you ever encountered any problems with your connection, then this would mean a complete disaster in the battlefield.

  • Using the Cyber Hunter cheats will not fix the internet related problems, but it will make you strong enough to handle the expected challenges.

On a side note, we have to mention that the animation scenes are very promising, we have enjoyed every little bit of it. The whole scene is perfect and will take you through an exciting journey.

Moving now to the character creation. Here are two main character leading the game now, Zero and Celestial. However, there will two more characters added to the list later on.

You must be asking yourself, which character is stronger, and how they react on the battlefield. These questions will be answered on our next segment, and remember to use the Cyber Hunter cheats alongside the challenge.



Character Creation

Once you are settled between the male and female version, then you will be moved to the next part which is “Customization”, in this department, you can change the skin color, the hairstyle and facial reactions.

By facial reactions, we meant the eyes, face, make up and even the smallest details in your hairstyles. Moving next to picking up a name for the character, remember to make it small and easily recognizable.

By reaching this point, we believe that you are fully aware of the sideline features of the game, but you are missing the whole idea on how to play, etc… so the Cyber Hunter cheats reminder will be here, and the next part will be devoted for the main instructions.

Moving around from one point to another is done through the touch pad located on the bottom left corner.

  • If you pull it to its highest point, then the character will start sprinting. You can lock the sprinting as well by keeping it up there for a while.

Change the viewing angels of the character using the right side of the screen. Swipe anywhere on it to change the directions as well.

There is something new to this type of mobile games, which is climbing walls!

You can start climbing walls rapidly by tapping the right-hand jump button and push the left hand joystick at the same time to climb up the wall.

You can climb any wall that is created from wood, but the steel walls will be a little bit of a problem to you.

The combat is smart and a little bit difficult for newbies, so if you were entirely newbie then this guide would be cool for you.

  • Always try to find a good cover to back you up during the crossfire.
  • Have a vision on your opponent before going out to fire.
  • Take advantage of the third person view angels.
  • Try to fire at your enemy when he is not looking at you.

Use the aiming assist feature and the Cyber Hunter cheats to blow out your opponent at once.

These were the main points to cover in the battle system for beginners, there are some instructions left for the advanced players and we would love to speak with more details in this department.

First, to increase your rank rapidly, you are going to need the Cyber Hunter cheats alongside you. This will offer you the challenge level you deserve and some cool customizations to your weapon setup.

  • Second thing, you must be aware of the surrounding enemies, including their weapon types.

For more advanced tips, scroll down!



Search For The Chest Drops!

Your opponents have been collecting weapons and upgrading their gears as you have been doing the same as well, that is something very common. You do not need to have a PHD to realize that…

Therefore, you have to be smart when you are about to enter a one vs 1 battle. Finding out their weapon types and aiming accuracy by doing few tests. If they have a sniper and you are far away enough, then your enemy will have an advantage over you.

Of course, the Cyber Hunter cheats will always give you the edge over your opponents, but it may not work the way you were hoping it would be.

  • Remember to absorb the energy from the glowing objects. Do this by holding and sliding down by the draining objects to gain the energy.

Well done! Most objects in the scene can be converted to quantum energy, which means you can pick it up and bring it back to the life in different form.

Worry No More about Your Outfits with Cyber Hunter Cheats!

Building objects instantly on different places is a very cool feature we have seen on the famous fortnight game, but Pubg did not include it. Now, it is back again to offer you much more customizations and stylish way of building.

For example, you might find yourself stuck at a lower point, and then it would be cool to build a ladder to jump up higher and build a ladder right away.

Learn more about the building customization through the Cyber Hunter cheats.

However, remember, the higher the building the more resources will be used in return. In addition, always use these buildings either to escape an ambush or to reach the weapons chests.

  • The weapon chests are a completely new story and they have nothing to do with the Cyber Hunter cheats in such types of games.

These chests will drop randomly on the map, they will contain special weapon that you cannot find it regularly in the buildings. These weapons and armors will provide you with a very high damage rate and very strong defensive state at the same time.

Remember, you can only pick up two main weapons at a time, so you must free up a space for the chests before going there, as the entire map will be tracking it down and you should be quick enough to pick the weapons out of it, before you are killed.

  • You might get a camouflaged outfit with the Cyber Hunter cheats; this shall keep you alive for longer periods.

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