Dancevil was created and published by “Com2uS” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The game is still in its early state, but you will experience something unique. You can now enjoy all your dance moves. Create your moves and you can enjoy a complete freedom to use your creative plans.

We are considering this game to break the charts and sit on the top trending list. Adding the Dancevil cheats to the playing experience will make it even more fun.

Welcome To The Dance Life!

As soon as the game begins, you must ensure that your internet connection is ready as there will be a quick check up on the game files and to download any additional patches since the game is in still in the early access state.

You can learn all the necessary information about the gameplay by scrolling down through this Dancevil review.

You will be asking yourself several questions, the world that you have just entered is very different form the ones you are used to. Everyone is dancing around and having fun, the characters are looking weird with their stick legs and arms.

Welcome to the world where people communicate with each other by dancing!

Meet Caba The Well Known Dancer!

You will be given the name maxi by default at the start of the game, but you can always change your name by tapping on the little button next to your name.

It originally costs you a lot of Dansonites to change the name, but you can change it for free on your first time or use the Dancevil hack and cover the cost of any purchases you will be doing in the future.

By the way, you cannot just stand still here. Not dancing means not breathing here in Dancevil. Now, on the next segment we will teach you some interesting moves…



Unlock New Dance Moves With Dancevil Cheats

Tap on the character; now tap on the dance button shown on the right side of the screen. A dancer with no dance moves is like a person with no soul! How about making one?

At the section you can find all your dance moves, but for the first time it will be empty for sure. The Dancevil cheats will help you by covering the cost of purchasing new dance moves.

Remember, you can always make a new dance and add it to your dance list. Use the big doll in the middle to create a dance.

Tap on the yellow dot to move the body parts to form a dance move. You can find more details about creating new dance moves on the next part.

How To Create A New Dance Move?

Creating a dance move is not hard, but creating something spectacular is where the challenge is.

Entering the dance creation section and tapping on the yellow dots to move your body parts in different directions.

If you ever felt like the dots are excessively small. Tap on the empty space around the left. By this way, you can now select the left hand by tapping the empty space near the left hand.

You will face some locked features in this section, but the Dancevil hack will get it unlocked right away!

Final Verdict

What happens now if there are two dots way too close to each other and you would love to select a specific dot. In that cast, tap on the empty space consecutively to select a dot that is closer.

Now, as you have select the body part, choose the direction you want it to move in.

Drag your finger while keeping your finger place on the screen. In addition, use the Dancevil hack for extra resources, which will make your gameplay experience much better.

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