Dark Domain was created and published by “EYOUGAME(USS)“company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The long awaited Dark Domain has finally been released, as you will be going through a very dark fantasy game with cool attacking skills and innovating ideals in the depth of the gameplay.

The mounts, shards, golds and gems are the most valuable currencies in the game that is why the Dark Domain cheats will be playing a vital role.

Get Started

We will start our Dark Domain review by walking through the game basics and it will start to improve as we advance forward from now on.

Note: you must have a stable and strong internet connection to start the game and enjoy its full features without any lags or problems.

  • Remember to pick up a server that is close to your living region as much as possible to reduce the latency to the lowest.
  • Empty servers will give you an advantage over the new ones
  • Do not forget the Dark Domain Hack importance for you in your upcoming journey

There will be a notice up ahead of each time a new update is released or a change has been made to the game. Read it carefully as it should keep you up to date with the latest changes if it happens.

Four Great Classes Waiting For You Ahead

As you are aware of the main starting basics, then we do believe it could be a right move to speak about the available classes, including their pros and cons.

The game is packed with four different unique classes:

  • Ranger: draw the bow and the arrow determine the enemy’s fate. Very solid when it comes to the ranged fights, but lacks in the close range combats
  • Assassin: shura holds double blade shuttle and reap lives. It can eliminate any opponent in two moves, but relays mainly on the assassin’s skills of her, once caught it can be killed easily.



Control The Crowd With The Finest Mages In The Realm

We have covered already two main classes; we still have two remaining…

  • Mage: whimsical magic that consists both ice and fire, with unstoppable powers. The mages usually relay upon the AOE attacks and can deal massive damage when needed.
  • Warrior: raging hand of devil, where slashing and bunching can be fatal. Very solid in close range combats and can tank very well, the incoming attacks.

Once you are fully aware of the available classes, you should include the Dark Domain Hack addition to your game, as it will enhance your character powers in several ways, you can learn more about this matter down below…

Gameplay Contents

As soon as you create a character by picking up a class and a suitable name, you will be automatically teleported to the main hall in the city and the journey shall begin.

Aurora is going to become your main guide at the start and she is going to take care of your wound as you have been in a coma.

  • The good news is that the auto questing mode is enabled in the game, so you do not have too much of the work as the character will be doing on your behalf.

Your main mission now is to cover up the upgrade spending and enhance its powers using the Dark Domain Hack to fulfil this task.

Upgrade Your Fighter With Dark Domain Cheats!

As you advance up in levels, you will gain extra attribute points to deal much higher damage. You will also have the ability to unlock new attacking skills and eliminate your enemies much faster than ever.

Open your character bio and read the information about attack, defense, dodge, critical, anti-critical, and the advanced stats as well. Watch how the Dark Domain cheats will increase all the numbers on this list rapidly.

By reaching this point, you should be aware of the main basics of the gameplay and ready to evolve on your own from now on.

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