This is a role playing game, it was created and published by “PerBlue Entertainment” the game was released on 10 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and start gathering all the heroes together to start defending the castle from the upcoming attacks, and also consider using the Dark Rivals cheats to get provided with all the gems and gold to easily upgrade your heroes and to easily build all the necessary defenses.

Help To Break The Siege of The Castle That Occurring By The Enemies!

The dark rivals, with their powers in conflict, were sealed within the stone, the story begins now.

Castle sanctus main gate, an epic fight is occurring while you were away, and while you are on your way back to the castle you will find this battle and wonder did this really happen when you had only one night off.

This is going to be your ultimate goal, you will need to gather all the famed heroes together and start your journey to defend the Rival Stone, and finally make sure to read all of our Dark Rivals tips to know what are the weak points of each hero you are going to control.

Follow Our Instructions To Easily Control Your Different Heroes!

Now we reading our Dark Rivals guide will provide you with all the needed info to learn how to use your heroes perfectly.

The first lesson is how to move with your hero and look around to dodge and possible surprise attack from behind, and to do that you need to use the analog stick to move Helena towards the arrows, once you reach the castle the guard will say loudly, help us Helena we are under siege! This is your time to shine and to defend the castle you are going to take it from here.

Meet Your Friends And Defend The Castle Together!

Now let’s get to the second lesson and it’s how to attack the different enemies, this is going to be easy because when Helena is near enemies, she will attack automatically.

After finishing the first wave of the enemies, you are going to find some giants that are attacking the keep and they are destroying it, and this is doesn’t look good.

The moment you are going to start engaging with these giants you are going to find Benedikt beside you and you are going to wonder and say to him what are you still doing here? And now third hero will also appear and say don’t worry, just stand back and watch the Dikt show!

Use The Different Magical Powers To Completely Dominate!

There are some magical powers you can keep using in every fight against your enemies, now get ready to listen and apply the third lesson we are going to give in here, if you want to easily eliminate your enemies you should be considering using the different skills you have with all the heroes you control, because each hero has different skills and they all differ from each other, and finally don’t forget to get all the help you need by getting the Dark Rivals cheats.

Use The Dark Rivals Hack To Unlock New Features!

To become stronger, these are 3 things you need to consider doing as soon as possible, these three things are collecting all the heroes and unlocking them to get different skills to be used against on your enemies, and after collecting and unlocking them you will need to upgrade them as much as possible to increase all of their stats to become stronger and unbeatable, and the last thing to do is to start building all the defenses you have got to protect the castle from the massive attacks that are planned to take place soon enough, and finally make sure to get the help from using the Dark Rivals hack.


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